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Debate season

Or should that be “debate” season? Fox “News” and the GOP cult went first. Misogynistic ramblings from a pack of Jackals. Plus banging the war drums by the 12 or so fellas and that guy/gal with boobs. These sociopaths almost broke out into song – bomb, bomb Iran, etc. Several commentators mentioned they thought they could hear humming (or not).

There is always one guy who will do anything and say anything to get attention. In Family based counseling we call the child’s whose behavior gets attention – AGM – Attention Getting Mechanism. That rich guy with the mop hair style is one of several guys who suffers from a sociopathic adult form of AGM. On one hand the GOP Presidential candidates, serving as spokesmen for their corporate owners, low to no taxes and rules for their masters. Then on the other hand these same politicians were declaring government eminent domain on women’s wombs. No abortions, no exceptions ever. Jebbie Bush goes so far as to question spent on health care for women.

In essence, the GOP is giving us no choice. Forced birth and the willful murdering of women. No surprises from that bunch of clowns.

President Carter declares that the U.S. is no longer a democracy. He’s right and the proof was on Fox News sponsored GOP debate, Thursday night. A bunch of clowns, working for their corporate sponsors – except perhaps the Donald. Trump. But then, he is part of the one percent. He hates women. Megan Kelly called him out on his misogynistic language about women. Megan Kelly was declared the “winner” of the first GOP debate – by many viewers. This debate/soap opera was a ratings winner.

Why do these men want to be president when they want to turn the calendar back to the ninth century? We have major problems of inequality in living wages, better than nothing Obamacare, GLOBAL WARMING. California and the western states are burning. Wildfires are the new normal. Trees are dying – all over. These changes are happening fast. Yet the GOP is stuck in the past.

So, which of the current crop of sociopathic GOP jerks, will make it to the top of the dung hill? A new dung beetle ready to roll his owner’s dung ball through the next stage of the farcical campaign season? American exceptionalism? America and we Americans are being watched by the world. A soap opera, to be sure.


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