There are still cat videos or politics

No matter how perverted or stupid the news – all of that can be forgotten with cat videos set to play and repeat. Kitten videos, kids, cats and puppies.

We are reminded that the war on women by the GOP candidates is real. The Republicans have long wanted to “fix” Social Security. Their fix involves privatization – meaning that the stock traders are going to become billionaires. We are reminded that it is the elderly women who must have their social security checks to survive. Charles B. Pierce calls the politicians who campaign on a anti social security platform – Granny Starvers.

Both (Helaine Olen) and Scott Lemeux (Lawyers, Guns & Money blog) explain how the war on Social Security is also a war on women. My extended family has a few Tea Party members, these folks are angry. One retired relative went off on a half hour monologue about the idiots who call Social Security – welfare, an entitlement. He and his wife paid into a retirement fund, they earned this. What he was saying is the general consensus of my relative’s peers. He votes straight GOP, he has Fox “News” running 24/7. He and his friends do this because they believe that’s how Fox wins rating wars. Of course, according to Fox viewers, the most hated people are the lazy poor free loaders. Don’t forget the “illegal” immigrants pouring over the boarder.

The belief system of the Tea baggers is exceedingly ridged. The Fox taking heads disseminate the conservative talking points. Each talking head delivers similar messages, reinforcing the central thesis. Folks who are raised as Evangelical Fundamentalists are frighteningly easy to brainwash, or program. These folks can repeat the extreme right wing mantra – even if the memes conflict. Is there a conspiracy of an elite group who focus the one message, spoken from many mouths? Sort of like 1984?

Cats don’t care. My cat has me well trained. I feed him, pet him, scratch his head. At night he sleeps next to me. He reminds me to watch cat videos. He knows the dog’s tail is his personal cat toy. I don’t think cats would willingly join a political party.


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