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Cat videos and the “news”

Cord cutters are the resisters – we cut the cable cord to avoid prepackaged and sanitised propaganda  news. That doesn’t mean we ignore the world, instead we probably read more news stories and headlines faster. We are able to read different sides of the major news stories.

Cat videos and photos also evolved into an essential antidote to human stupids. Cats have very definite opinions about reality and what is important. Cats live in the here and now. Cats and dogs can be best friends. Cats grieve when their best friends die. Cats give comfort to the human pack leaders. Cats don’t care about financial markets or the con men of Wall Street.

The ease of making videos and posting the results online makes stars of individual cats. So that means we can get an instant antidote to gut wrenching news stories.

My favorite cat video is called “hug of the century”. Go to YouTube.com and search for “hug of the century”. This video was made of a  visitors to a zoo and one lion’s joyful response to that visitor. Do cats love – feel the emotion of love? I vote yes.


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