“Conscientious Objector” and the SDA

Why Ben Carson is a dangerous choice for the world – part two of into the world of the SDA.

The SDA church has a history of supporting the war effort but not carrying arms to use offensively against the enemy. Desmond T. Ross joined the Army as a Conscientious Objector during WWII, he supported the war as a non-combatant medic in the role he saved lives and was awarded the metal of Honor by President Truman. Wikipedia lists two more non combatant Metal of Honor recipients – Thomas W. Bennett and Joseph G. LaPointe. Both of these men were Baptists.

During the Vietnam war era most of the SDA college age men used various deferments to avoid the draft. The Young men were encouraged to request Conscientious Objector status. I know that many of the collage age draftees from the SDA college system served as non combatants, in country some played in the General’s personal Army Band, others worked as paper pushers or medics. Some decided to carry weapons when faced with the realities of war.

As a kid I was indoctrinate into the “render unto the government” – Desmond Does example. This was rather mind blowing on one level – since I was a military brat, living on a U.S. Naval Base, my dad off fighting the cold war. He was armed and trained as a sharp shooter, by his days hunting to feed his family during the Depression. His score shooting clay pigeons near the end of his career was 99 out of 100. That is the military – guns and the military. I lived on base during most of the Vietnam war, but was against that war.

Many of the members of the Seventh Day Adventist church are ultra right-wing conservatives. Many of the members of this church support the Iraq war. Reason? End Times prophesy found in Daniel and Revelation. This is one of the classes I took while going to a Seventh Day Adventist college. So while college kids at California colleges were doing drugs – I was studying the drug addled rumblings of the last book of the Christian Bible. Ha! With a straight face the college instructor attempted to make a drug addict’s rambling sound logical. End of times, Jesus is coming soon. The Middle East or Israel is key to these e d oh time mythology.

So – returning to Dr. Ben Carson, who is an SDA and his desire to be president. NuttyYahoo would be so pleased to have his very own puppet. The right wingers – end of timers – are praying for a major war in the Middle East. Then they expect most of the Jews to convert to right wing evangelical Christian whatever. Evangelicals can’t agree on the details.

President Ben Carson with his skilled hands on that mythical read doomsday button –  NuttyYahoo standing behind him, as the real power in the Oval office.

Either this is all real – or we are all watching a really bad horror movie.


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