That time of year again – election games

Who would have though that an extreme Narcissistic personality like Trump would be the delegate leader for the GOP nomination for President?? A year ago if a comedian had suggested that the GOP was mainlining stupid with the current field of stupids – with Trump as the leading stupid – would the audience have laughed?

The adults are on the Democratic side. So far. OMG – we have so very far to go before the November elections.

It seems clear that all the candidates are bought and paid for – it seems that no one can move up the political, without selling their soul.

Bernie Sanders gives me the hives. Mostly because of his efforts th copy Obama’s “hope and change”. That messianic garbage didn’t work with Obama and the same sort of blurry eyed zealots are drawn to the Sander’s magic wagon. The Bernie bots are like the Obots – scary.

Caucuses are not democratic. Get rid of caucuses, this is the 21st century. Little piss-ant states have too much control at the beginning.

Why is the GOP full of so much hate. The hate women – I can feel the hate – from the whole field of – how many clowns? 10 or 20? One female in the most male field, who had great difficulty with the truth. In that respect she was not much different from the zippers. What is it with the GOP and lying? Trump may be the biggest liar of the bunch. He is undoubtedly the biggest motor mouth. He reminds me of a child who will do anything for attention. It’s that streak of narcissism in Trump.

Super Tuesday coming up.

I wish I could go somewhere and hide until mid November.


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