Trump’s history with women surfacing


Joseph Canon has a post up about one of Trump’s escort services with a screen shot of the website. Could this be one of the reasons why Trump hasn’t released his tax returns?

Then cannonfire has a post about the Bernie Bots violence Nevada Democratic convention. The Bernie Bots are the major reason I will never ever vote for Sanders. Plus the guy isn’t a Democrat. The worse part is the terroristic threats the chair of the convention is receiving from the Bernie Bots. Bernie is fine with the behavior of his followers – making him a proven misogynistic leader.

What Joseph Canon says about Sanders and his violent misogynistic Bots – I agree.

Go read cannonfire blog.

Sanders or Trump I don’t know who is worse. Sanders the messianic cult leader or Trump, the cult leader for the worship of Trump’s ego.

Trump is a raging manic who needs to get back on his meds. Could he be bipolar? Look at his last few incoherent, rambling rants. Especially his rant about the CEO of Trump’s own words. Something is wrong with that guy. He is the ultimate privileged white guy.


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