Trump’s Personality Profile

There are a few Trump personality profiles published. Mostly they writers seem to agree that The Donald has a Narcissistic personality, textbook example even.

My training in profiling is different, learned in a very intense workshop/seminar. Anyone admitted to this training needed a degree in psychology plus additional work in testing. It is possible to use a person’s behavior, interests, occupation, hobbies to construct a personality profile of that person. Past behavior gives us clues to future behave.

We all use profiling – rule number one – if someone stabs us in the back, they will do it again.

We are born with a primitive personality. We are unique individuals at birth. At about 8 years our Basic personality has formed, which may or may not resemble our personality at birth. Our culture and environment help to shape this basic personality. As we mature, heading for adulthood we develop that face that we show the world. Our Surface personality.

One thing about Trump’s personality that I see is that Trump is an unmodified Extrovert. He is not a reader – he doesn’t read books. He doesn’t read policy speeches before he reads them on a teleprompter before an audience. (That detail is from a article about Trump’s policy speech on Energy. Trump would squint, read a sentence, stop, make a comment and read some more.) Trump carves attention. Everything about him, the way he presents himself says extrovert (and angry bully.) The reason for his anger wasn’t addressed in the magazine article. But the behavior is there for all to see. School yard bullies have fan clubs, cheering sections. Trump’s behavior is childish. More about his cruel side in another blog post.

Trump can turn his followers into a mob, Sanders also can turn his followers into a mob. This mind control skill is NOT something we should condone in our leaders. .

Most people understand the Extroverted temperature trait. Not all extroverts act the same way, we are all unique individuals.

Bernie Sanders is also an extrovert. He isn’t a reader, hasn’t read stacks of books to reach his current theories. Sanders hasn’t written legislation based on his theories of governing. I think Barney Frank considers Sanders somewhat lazy. Barney Frank is a policy wonk, he writes legislation and gets it passed and signed into law. Frank is what is called a learned Extrovert. Sanders did not do well in his last battle with Frank.

Introverted – Extroverted in only a small part of the human personality. I’m still researching Trump’s public record for clues to his personality. This research is not fun – more like digging through a dumpster.


Trump’s religion

Trump has a close affinity to the Prosperity Gospel, as I predicted. See my blog post about the Prosperity gospel a few posts below the one you are reading now.

Charles Pierce on Esquire picked the real news worthy item from an article about Trump’s close and personal encounter with mega money bag leaders of Prosperity Gospel churches. The secret gang finger sign between true believers. One finger points sky ward to God. O.K.

Seems like some people are willing to believe anything.


TRUMP is fat

Really – he is fat. His face is fat and very unattractive. He has a very fast butt. He needs to lose a ton of blubber.

He’s spent most of his life passing judgement on women. So strip him down to his jock straps – let’s make fun of his rolls of fat. It is only fair that we treat Trump the way he’s been treating women.

He must have huge man boobs. Should be wear a bra?

This had to be said so let me be the first. Do we want a fat man in the White House, an orange fat alien. His nose holes are far too tiny to get enough oxygen to his head. That’s why he sounds so stupid.

Donald is FAT CAT FAT.
GO on diet.
Stop eating candy.
Where is the real doctor’s report on Donald?

Trump’s history with women surfacing


Joseph Canon has a post up about one of Trump’s escort services with a screen shot of the website. Could this be one of the reasons why Trump hasn’t released his tax returns?

Then cannonfire has a post about the Bernie Bots violence Nevada Democratic convention. The Bernie Bots are the major reason I will never ever vote for Sanders. Plus the guy isn’t a Democrat. The worse part is the terroristic threats the chair of the convention is receiving from the Bernie Bots. Bernie is fine with the behavior of his followers – making him a proven misogynistic leader.

What Joseph Canon says about Sanders and his violent misogynistic Bots – I agree.

Go read cannonfire blog.

Sanders or Trump I don’t know who is worse. Sanders the messianic cult leader or Trump, the cult leader for the worship of Trump’s ego.

Trump is a raging manic who needs to get back on his meds. Could he be bipolar? Look at his last few incoherent, rambling rants. Especially his rant about the CEO of Trump’s own words. Something is wrong with that guy. He is the ultimate privileged white guy.

Ralph Nader – shut up

Really who cares what your opinion is? You have the nerve to support Trump – or appear to support that bag of wind?

For the youngsters out there – here is a history lesson.

GW Bush “won” in 2000 because old Ralphie decided to split the vote with an ego run for the White House. 40,000 votes in Florida and Governor Jeb Bush, plus a political decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nader’s ego is responsible for a whole lot of misery in the Middle East. Assuming, of course, that Al Gore would have resisted the urge to lie the U.S. in a bloody war. The lie, of course, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Nader’s ego also destroyed a car called the Corvair. An excellent car according to former owners of th U.S. made car. But that is a story for another day.

Nader’s opinions and judgement is faulty – in other words – Nader STFU.

Trump? You’re kidding? Right?

So Trump, showing that he is an evil and vile hater has emerged as the 2016 standard bearer of the GOP.

In the past few weeks and months I’ve been reading up on Trump and let the words he spews and tweets tell me who he is. He is largely unchanged from the teenage brat – the very rich guy who went after all the pretty girls. His objective was for the bragging rights – he screwed the most girls ever.

Think about this – he is the product of a private school education. He is also stupid. I saw his kind before, when I was in college. The rich boys who bought term papers, had others take their exams. The rich boys who spent their nights playing.

In the next few days I will link to articles by really intelligent people who can explain Trump’s stupidity. Trump is also a mean narcissistic personality – he doesn’t give a damn about his white middle class voters. This guy hates everyone.

When I was a little kid, growing up in Hawaii, President Eisenhower came for a visit. He rode through downtown Honolulu, schools bussed students from around the island to stand along the parade route. What a thrill for students. I still remember the big, long black car. Back then the car was open and we could see President Eisenhower and he wife. They were almost close enough to touch.

Those days are long gone. Now we have an orange alien running for President. A rich playboy who has never grown up. His money can buy anything, and he can get away with racism, misogynistic hate speech that can move the mobs to violence.

Then there is Senator Sanders on the Democratic side who also has his mob – ready and willing to slander and disrupt Clinton’s rallies. Bots are bots – Sanders or Trump’s – nasty and vile sexist pigs.

Prosperity theology or doctrine

Many mega churches (2,000 or more members) and are related to Pentecostals. Entertainment is a major feature of these mega churches. The preaching is upbeat and the assumption is that donations given to the church are returned 10 times. A nice round number.

One political reporter likened Trump’s style of political rallies as preaching the Prosperity doctrine. Be happy, be racist, God loves you.

Trump claims to be a devout Christian. Using this definition – perhaps he is.

Prosperity gospel

“The doctrine taught in some Christian groups that God will grant wishes to the faithful, especially those wishes involving material wealth.”

Prosperity theology (sometimes referred to as the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel, or thegospel of success)[A] is a religious belief among some Christians that financial blessing is the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations (possibly to Christian ministries) will increase one’s material wealth. Based on non-traditional interpretations of the Bible, often with emphasis on the Book of Malachi, the doctrine views the Bible as a contract between God and humans: if humans have faith in God, he will deliver his promises of security and prosperity. Confessing these promises to be true is perceived as an act of faith, which God will honor.

The doctrine emphasizes the importance of personal empowerment, proposing that it is God’s will for his people to be happy. The atonement (reconciliation with God) is interpreted to include the alleviation of sickness and poverty, which are viewed as curses to be broken by faith. This is believed to be achieved through donations of money, visualization, and positive confession, and is often taught in mechanical and contractual terms.

It was during the Healing Revivals of the 1950s that prosperity theology first came to prominence in the United States, although commentators have linked the origins of its theology to the New Thought movement which began in the 19th century. The prosperity teaching later figured prominently in the Word of Faithmovement and 1980s televangelism. In the 1990s and 2000s, it was adopted by influential leaders in theCharismatic Movement and promoted by Christian missionaries throughout the world, sometimes leading to the establishment of mega-churches. Prominent leaders in the development of prosperity theology include E. W. KenyonOral RobertsTD JakesA. A. AllenRobert TiltonT. L. OsbornJoel OsteenCreflo Dollar,Kenneth CopelandReverend Ike and Kenneth Hagin.

Churches in which the prosperity gospel is taught are often non-denominational and usually directed by a sole pastor or leader, although some have developed multi-church networks that bear similarities to denominations. Such churches typically set aside extended time to teach about giving and request donations from the congregation, encouraging positive speech and faith. Prosperity churches often teach about financial responsibility, though some journalists and academics have criticized their advice in this area as misleading.

Prosperity theology has been criticized by leaders in the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, as well as other Christian denominations. These leaders maintain that it is irresponsible, promotes idolatry, and is contrary to scripture. Some critics have proposed that prosperity theology cultivates authoritarian organizations, with the leaders controlling the lives of the adherents. The doctrine has also become popular inSouth Korea; academics have attributed some of its success to its parallels with the traditional shamanistic culture. Prosperity theology has drawn followers from the American middle class and poor, and has been likened to the cargo cult phenomenon, traditional African religion, and black liberation theology.

Quote from Wikipedia