Clinton wins WA Primary

This is the real primary with paper ballots and every ballot is counted.

The questionable caucus was held last February. That caucus was a farce. No numbers from that lying mess are believable.

In 2008 I witnessed the Obama-bots bring in bus loads of ringers and use trained in group dynamics methods to manipulate caucus attendees. I know what was happening. My MA is in group dynamics. It is unethical to use mind manipulating tricks the way those creeps did in 2008.

Seeing the huge difference in the caucus “totals” and the real, authentic primary vote is proof of bought off party members – this time in 2016 – grumpy Sanders bought the vote. Pure – he is not.

Now I am hoping California Democratic voters will send Sanders a go to he’ll message in June.

Hillary Clinton 
Bernie Sanders

Actually, we must be clear: The system was rigged Bernie’s favor. 

Proof one: Hillary won the primary in Washington state. Unfortunately, the primary is non-binding. The delegates are based on the caucuses, which the BernieBullies were able to game — he got nearly 73 percent of the caucus votes to Hillary’s 27 percent. 

Proof two: Nebraska. Same story. Clinton won a non-binding primary, 61-39. But she lost the caucus, 58-42.

Cannonfire blog – thank you for the proof.