Is Sanders working for Trump?

That was the headline on the email Mother Jones magazine sent last night.

A talk show host in California asked Sanders if he had ever worked at real job. Sanders replied th was 1) a mayor,  2) elected to the House of Representatives, 3) elected as Senator. Sanders refused to answer the question.

Sanders has had an easy time – fans falling at his feet. When he was asked the hard questions about his grandiose plans, he failed to show any knowledge of the democratic system. Sort of like the non answers Trump gives.

Here’s a link to a geek website that uses facts to explain how the Democratic primary was not rigged against him.

The article begins with details of the Washington State primary that Clinton won. Large turnouts and Clinton wins.

The news that the Mother Jones email referenced was the almost debate with Sanders that Trump backed out of. The facts are lining up
Sanders is helping Trump more than the Democrats.

That grumpy old white guy has something wrong in his head – and so does that mob of followers.

Bernie is out for Bernie. Just like Trump is out for Trump.