This blog is about Politics — thinking outside of the box. Politics and imagination.

America is in deep trouble. We are in a depression — no matter what Wall Street and some Economic Indicators say — when over 10% of the population cannot find a job and home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies is at an all time high — we are in a depression.

The middle class is in deep trouble.

During the primary the majority chose Senator Clinton but the democrat party threw the rules out the window because they wanted a show horse penis with no real track record. He could get a whole lot of money as a freshman senator from somewhere to end up spending the most money ever in the history of the world to get the keys to the White House.

I follow the news on the Internet — I do not own a TV that works.  I read blogs and I form my own opinions. I gather what I find on the Internet and observe  the world and I blog here and on other blogs.

I have traveled in Europe and I’ve been to Japan and sometimes I live on a  Caribbean island. I have friends from many countries and I’ve always been interested in International Politics. I’ve seen that the democracies in Europe seem to work and the people seem healthy — perhaps healthier than Americans who spend far more money per person on health care than many other First World Countries.

Obots/Failbots and sexists pig remarks will NOT be allowed on this blog.




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