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Obot = “Obama supporters are seriously stupid and barely human. What do you expect from people who would vote for a parasite psychopath who says the word “Change” 3.5 million times. ” ( Source from comments to article in Telegraph.UK “Bloodless President … O … makes Americans wishful for” GWB)

Abortion = Botox, not really necesarry, but rather a personal luxury ie you pay yourself! (Source:  vivienne westwood , comment at 8:08 am 8 Nov. 09.)

Change you can believe in!

FailSafe insurance

Instead of closing the store, maybe women could ask for a deposit before men make a deposit. Call it, oh, I dunno, “insurance”, in case something goes wrong. It would be different than prostitution. It’s just a way to cover everyone’s ass.
Must be paid in full at the local going rate of one first trimester abortion.
Come to think of it, this bill may have just opened up a whole new insurance market just for women. Call it FailSafe insurance.  (Source: riverdaughter, on November 8th, 2009 at 10:04).

EQUAL = equal is equal is equal….except for women who are never equal. 12 percent of the nation deserved a black president but 51 percent of the nation didn’t deserve a woman president. Without separation and concentration on only women’s equality we will never count.  (TeresaINPa, 8 Nov, 2009, 4:18 pm)

Denial of coverage = Reason not covered in Obama-care = patient is female.

Women have been LEFT out of the “health care bill”

It’s also important to consider, if reports are correct, that this bill does NOTHING to ensure coverage for other aspects of women’s health – gynecological exams, birth control, maternity care. This was discussed when the women Dems were being shouted down and one wingnut argued about why it was wrong to expect HIM to pay for maternity care when he didn’t even need it.

Women have been left behind and under the bus big time. These apologists talking about how women will benefit make me sick. HOW? Because they now have to buy private insurance that won’t cover their reproductive health or face imprisonment?

yeah, that’s great news.

Also see:  Reclusive Leftist

Gender Traitor = Nancy Pelosi (Source: dakinikat)

Coathanger Dems = Democrats who vote for anti-choice legislation. Also know as: misogynists/opportunists.

People who vote democrat = Every woman that votes for a democrat now is voting against herself, her daughters and any female of the future generation. (Source: helenk, 8 Nov. 2009, 4:12pm)

Stupakistan = US House of Representatives.   (Source: allisonkilkenny, TC, 12:20am, 9 Nov.2009 via Three Wickets.)

War Declared on Women 11/7/09 = Just as May 31,2008 was a turning point, November 7,2009 has to be remembered as the day the democrats declared war on women. (Source: helenk, 4:26 pm, 8 Nov. 2009)

Public Option (not found in Obamacare bill passed by House on 7 Nov. 09)

grayslady, on November 8th, 2009 at 4:55 pm Said:

Can I just add: What about the public option? Because there IS no public option, either robust or otherwise. I did a quick read-through of the bill this morning and let me tell you what I found: an “insurance exchange”. That’s right, boys and girls, all the Dems have done is to create a high risk insurance pool.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but, as far as I can see, while the insurance exchange has limits on what participants can be charged “out of pocket”, depending on income level, there is no limit on the premium amount that can be charged. So that’s an improvement how?

There is also absolutely nothing in the bill about medical cost containment. Finally, eliminating the so-called doughnut hole in Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage)? Well, that also doesn’t kick in for years: only a small percentage changes each year until 2020, when the hole finally is filled. That’s 11 years from now!!

We would have been temporarily better off if Congress had just told the insurance companies no more anti-trust exemptions, no more recissions, and no more pre-existing conditions. Then, like every other civilized nation in the world, we could have begun work on UHC.

(These comments from the Confluence TC, need to be given their own thread).

Women’s rights are toast.

But women are just, as always, the expendable canaries in the coal mine. Their rights are toast, which means so are everyone else’s.


Rights are for all. When only some people have them, they’re just privileges. And privileges can be taken away. (Source: Acid Test, You have no rights.)

Fuck You Act = Affordable Health Care for America Act (Source: Acid Test, link above.)

Affordable Health Care for America Act = Fuck You Act

What the House version of the “health” legislation should really be called.

In fact, the bill’s primary purpose has absolutely nothing to do with providing “affordable health care.” The purpose is to extract as much money as possible from “ordinary” Americans — and to do so at the point of a gun (what do you think those financial penalties and even possible prison time are, if not a gun pointing directly at your head?) — and shovel it directly to already-engorged insurance companies. Americans will be forced to buy insurance, which as we all know, many of us through deeply painful personal experience, has nothing whatsoever to do with health care. And Americans will be forced to spend money for largely useless insurance — which insurance will often be entirely useless just when they need it most critically — in amounts that may devastate them and their families. (Source: Arthur Silber at 9:27 AM)

Newest Class of Criminals – thanks to the FUCK YOU ACT (aka Health Care Act passed by the House of Representatives on 7 Nov. 2009 –

Hey guess what – it’s more than that. They just created a whole new class of criminals. Ordinary, hard working people who don’t buy health insurance can GO TO JAIL FOR 5 YEARS.

They’ve taken away EVERYONE”S RIGHTS. (Source: Rose on TC article, You Have no rights, published on TC, 8 Nov.2009).


Women who are women’s WORST enemies:  1. Nancy Pelosi, 2. Claire McCaskill, 3. Donna Brazille(nut) 4. Planned Parenthood.

More current political definitions to be added as they evolve.


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