Trump’s Personality Profile

There are a few Trump personality profiles published. Mostly they writers seem to agree that The Donald has a Narcissistic personality, textbook example even.

My training in profiling is different, learned in a very intense workshop/seminar. Anyone admitted to this training needed a degree in psychology plus additional work in testing. It is possible to use a person’s behavior, interests, occupation, hobbies to construct a personality profile of that person. Past behavior gives us clues to future behave.

We all use profiling – rule number one – if someone stabs us in the back, they will do it again.

We are born with a primitive personality. We are unique individuals at birth. At about 8 years our Basic personality has formed, which may or may not resemble our personality at birth. Our culture and environment help to shape this basic personality. As we mature, heading for adulthood we develop that face that we show the world. Our Surface personality.

One thing about Trump’s personality that I see is that Trump is an unmodified Extrovert. He is not a reader – he doesn’t read books. He doesn’t read policy speeches before he reads them on a teleprompter before an audience. (That detail is from a article about Trump’s policy speech on Energy. Trump would squint, read a sentence, stop, make a comment and read some more.) Trump carves attention. Everything about him, the way he presents himself says extrovert (and angry bully.) The reason for his anger wasn’t addressed in the magazine article. But the behavior is there for all to see. School yard bullies have fan clubs, cheering sections. Trump’s behavior is childish. More about his cruel side in another blog post.

Trump can turn his followers into a mob, Sanders also can turn his followers into a mob. This mind control skill is NOT something we should condone in our leaders. .

Most people understand the Extroverted temperature trait. Not all extroverts act the same way, we are all unique individuals.

Bernie Sanders is also an extrovert. He isn’t a reader, hasn’t read stacks of books to reach his current theories. Sanders hasn’t written legislation based on his theories of governing. I think Barney Frank considers Sanders somewhat lazy. Barney Frank is a policy wonk, he writes legislation and gets it passed and signed into law. Frank is what is called a learned Extrovert. Sanders did not do well in his last battle with Frank.

Introverted – Extroverted in only a small part of the human personality. I’m still researching Trump’s public record for clues to his personality. This research is not fun – more like digging through a dumpster.


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