Clinton wins WA Primary

This is the real primary with paper ballots and every ballot is counted.

The questionable caucus was held last February. That caucus was a farce. No numbers from that lying mess are believable.

In 2008 I witnessed the Obama-bots bring in bus loads of ringers and use trained in group dynamics methods to manipulate caucus attendees. I know what was happening. My MA is in group dynamics. It is unethical to use mind manipulating tricks the way those creeps did in 2008.

Seeing the huge difference in the caucus “totals” and the real, authentic primary vote is proof of bought off party members – this time in 2016 – grumpy Sanders bought the vote. Pure – he is not.

Now I am hoping California Democratic voters will send Sanders a go to he’ll message in June.

Hillary Clinton 
Bernie Sanders

Actually, we must be clear: The system was rigged Bernie’s favor. 

Proof one: Hillary won the primary in Washington state. Unfortunately, the primary is non-binding. The delegates are based on the caucuses, which the BernieBullies were able to game — he got nearly 73 percent of the caucus votes to Hillary’s 27 percent. 

Proof two: Nebraska. Same story. Clinton won a non-binding primary, 61-39. But she lost the caucus, 58-42.

Cannonfire blog – thank you for the proof.


Trump’s religion

Trump has a close affinity to the Prosperity Gospel, as I predicted. See my blog post about the Prosperity gospel a few posts below the one you are reading now.

Charles Pierce on Esquire picked the real news worthy item from an article about Trump’s close and personal encounter with mega money bag leaders of Prosperity Gospel churches. The secret gang finger sign between true believers. One finger points sky ward to God. O.K.

Seems like some people are willing to believe anything.


Mobs & Bernie

Why should Bernie Sanders be defeated overwhelming in the up coming primaries?

Here are 50 righteous reasons.
My reason  number 51 – we  need a feminist like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, not one more white guy who is a cult leader. Violence follows Bernie – virtual online violence, death threats.

Get the manual on on – no way Bernie. Cannonfire blog.

TRUMP is fat

Really – he is fat. His face is fat and very unattractive. He has a very fast butt. He needs to lose a ton of blubber.

He’s spent most of his life passing judgement on women. So strip him down to his jock straps – let’s make fun of his rolls of fat. It is only fair that we treat Trump the way he’s been treating women.

He must have huge man boobs. Should be wear a bra?

This had to be said so let me be the first. Do we want a fat man in the White House, an orange fat alien. His nose holes are far too tiny to get enough oxygen to his head. That’s why he sounds so stupid.

Donald is FAT CAT FAT.
GO on diet.
Stop eating candy.
Where is the real doctor’s report on Donald?

Trump’s history with women surfacing


Joseph Canon has a post up about one of Trump’s escort services with a screen shot of the website. Could this be one of the reasons why Trump hasn’t released his tax returns?

Then cannonfire has a post about the Bernie Bots violence Nevada Democratic convention. The Bernie Bots are the major reason I will never ever vote for Sanders. Plus the guy isn’t a Democrat. The worse part is the terroristic threats the chair of the convention is receiving from the Bernie Bots. Bernie is fine with the behavior of his followers – making him a proven misogynistic leader.

What Joseph Canon says about Sanders and his violent misogynistic Bots – I agree.

Go read cannonfire blog.

Sanders or Trump I don’t know who is worse. Sanders the messianic cult leader or Trump, the cult leader for the worship of Trump’s ego.

Trump is a raging manic who needs to get back on his meds. Could he be bipolar? Look at his last few incoherent, rambling rants. Especially his rant about the CEO of Trump’s own words. Something is wrong with that guy. He is the ultimate privileged white guy.

Ralph Nader – shut up

Really who cares what your opinion is? You have the nerve to support Trump – or appear to support that bag of wind?

For the youngsters out there – here is a history lesson.

GW Bush “won” in 2000 because old Ralphie decided to split the vote with an ego run for the White House. 40,000 votes in Florida and Governor Jeb Bush, plus a political decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nader’s ego is responsible for a whole lot of misery in the Middle East. Assuming, of course, that Al Gore would have resisted the urge to lie the U.S. in a bloody war. The lie, of course, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Nader’s ego also destroyed a car called the Corvair. An excellent car according to former owners of th U.S. made car. But that is a story for another day.

Nader’s opinions and judgement is faulty – in other words – Nader STFU.

Trump? You’re kidding? Right?

So Trump, showing that he is an evil and vile hater has emerged as the 2016 standard bearer of the GOP.

In the past few weeks and months I’ve been reading up on Trump and let the words he spews and tweets tell me who he is. He is largely unchanged from the teenage brat – the very rich guy who went after all the pretty girls. His objective was for the bragging rights – he screwed the most girls ever.

Think about this – he is the product of a private school education. He is also stupid. I saw his kind before, when I was in college. The rich boys who bought term papers, had others take their exams. The rich boys who spent their nights playing.

In the next few days I will link to articles by really intelligent people who can explain Trump’s stupidity. Trump is also a mean narcissistic personality – he doesn’t give a damn about his white middle class voters. This guy hates everyone.

When I was a little kid, growing up in Hawaii, President Eisenhower came for a visit. He rode through downtown Honolulu, schools bussed students from around the island to stand along the parade route. What a thrill for students. I still remember the big, long black car. Back then the car was open and we could see President Eisenhower and he wife. They were almost close enough to touch.

Those days are long gone. Now we have an orange alien running for President. A rich playboy who has never grown up. His money can buy anything, and he can get away with racism, misogynistic hate speech that can move the mobs to violence.

Then there is Senator Sanders on the Democratic side who also has his mob – ready and willing to slander and disrupt Clinton’s rallies. Bots are bots – Sanders or Trump’s – nasty and vile sexist pigs.


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