Gerrymandering 2014

This is old news, however, now that the crazy season has started again – we need to ask: does our vote count.

Gerrymandering was covered in high school Government class. One group gains power and draws boundaries to dilute one group, while improving the odds of one party over the other. In 2014 the GOP worked a textbook Gerrymandering scheme which favored GOP candidates. Not democracy but the power to draw lines to basics nullify some votes.

The statistics have been run and here’s an article to read  about 2014.

Is the GOP a cult?

Or any political party?

Does Fox News function as cult speak central?

Fox viewers are compulsive at watching the Stars. One common trait among Fox viewers is that their TV’s are stuck on Fox for hours. I’ve noticed this in friends and family homes. Fox viewers also quote as the ultimate reliable authority.

I grew up in an evangelical environment. My mom took us to church three times a week. Cult? Once I rejected my mother’s church and got a degree in psychology I realized the controlling environment of the church and cults. Waco, Texas – and that ATF shoot out with the Branch Davidians. The ATF had no idea what they were dealing with. This was a strict Bible cult – and the leader spouted similar mumbo jumbo I heard in church as a kid.

Evangelical means the second coming of Christ. It is the duty of Evangelical Christians to spread the word of Christ’s immediate return to every human on earth. Oh we must not forget that the Middle East must have a massive blood bath first – from there Armageddon spreads to the whole world. This hope of Christians for a blood bath has always distressed me. Evangelicals have told me of the joy they feel because this is the end of times, when the world ends and their Savior returns. Do these people even hear how grotesque it sounds to others.

The End Times, is when Christ returns to gather the “saved” folk who have not committed the unpardonable sin. What is that sin? Frankly I doubt anyone really knows. Through the years I’ve heard ministers come up with wild theories.

GOP folk seem to have a lock on evangelicals – which is another word for cult. Evangelicals believe the world is about 6,000 years old, and all humans descended from two humans. Talk about inbreeding and incest! Science has proven otherwise. Cult think – blind belief and obedience – the word of God.

Religious Cults have been part of America since before there was a USA. Cults like: Pilgrims and Puritanism, Calvinism, and Shakers.

The question is – are all political parties also cults? Eight years ago I watched a whole lot of cult like behavior in rabid Obama followers. I heard a whole lot of psychological manipulation from camp Obama. In fact there was a camp Obama for the Obots who trained to take over and dominate states with Presidential caucuses. People like myself who had psychology degrees and were trained in group dynamics recognized the methods and techniques used. So, yes, the Democrats also have their version of a cult. Although Democrats are like herding cats – but team Obama managed to get enough fanatics to win two election.

So I’m not alone in my concern about the right-wing media spreading hate (using cult like methods). A article – The right-wing media’s vicious profiteering: How Donald Trump & Fox News are responding hate.

Global Warming greatest threat

AKA Climate Change.

In an article in the Guardian, UK, Ami Sedghi reports that a recent survey of people in 40 countries. Nineteen of the 40 countries picked climates change to be the issue that they worry about most.

Global economics is also another threat that people find worrying.

Of course the deniers are calling this concern about climate change – “magical thinking”. Someone responded to the deniers of projecting their own delusional attitude as good old projection. That seems to be the current coping mechanism of the deniers. Many are the Religion Right magical flowers of a sky God who will arrive on a cloud and rapture up the believers.

The deniers show absolutely no concern for the next generations. All predictions tell us that in a few decades the numbers of people dying or migrating out of the hot zones (plus decrease of drinking water) will increase. Already people fleeing the Middle east to Northern countries are overwhelming the Northern Nations. Certainly war is one of the factors for the refugee crisis, but the war is also for the control of water. 

Mystery solved

Why are Republican politicians at war with science and education?

In many states with Republican Governors the Education budget has been systematically cut. In Wisconsin 250 million dollars has been cut from the college and university system, an equal amount was given to the owners of sports teams to build a new stadium. Kansas and Arizona have similar patterns of refunding education.

Could the reason be that the Republicans are afraid that an educated population means we can see how stupid the Republican leadership is?

The latest example of the stupidest politician is the Speaker of the house who is blaming Obama for the drought. Yep – the all powerful president and science is to blame for the drought. And damned it – the rich Republicans in California are angry because of brown lawns. No joke – read the wins-dumb of the numbnuts politician. These guys are the lap dogs of the Koch brothers – among other greedy bastards.

The next major wars will be over water. It is already happening in the Middle East. Southern California has already stolen Northern California’s water – that happened when Reagan was Governor. Stupids take their lead from Saint Reagan.

Comedians are going to have a field day with this bit of news. Or not.

Tax payer money spent on police misconduct

This number is from a Wall Street Journal article by  Buena Elinson and Dan Frisch.

US Taxpayers Have Spent Over 1.4 Billion on Since 2010 Police  Misconduct

1.4 BILLION dollars – taxpayer’s money. Taxpayer’s hard earned money.

So we taxpayer’s have a stake in getting the bad cops out. The whole evaluation and hiring needs to be evaluated. Racist and sexist personalities can be detected early in the evaluation process. Training needs to be enhanced to the standards of developed countries. Cops must all be trained how to recognize and respond to individuals with mental illness. About a quarter of the people murdered by cops are mentally ill.

That said, the lack of mental health treatment and care in this country is sub human. Mental hospitals were closed and no alternative has been funded. Actually not treating individuals with mental health issues cost billions annually. Jailing the crazy ones who come to the attention of law enforcement is extremely expensive. Making it difficult or impossible for families to get help for a family member is tragic. Then there is the issue of calling the cops who arrive and shoot first.

Billions spent because of stupidity and cops.

We could do better, we know better. 

Grassroots – vote for individuals who want to make police accountable. Individuals who are more than pretty words.

Campaign for a real citizen review boards to monitor local law enforcement. Lobby state legislators to upgrade police hiring and training standards. This will cost money but paying for police misconduct is already costing billions of taxpayer’s money.

Educate the public about mental illness. There has to be a balance between old Russia’s use of mental hospitals for political dissidents and jails in the U.S. used to house mentally ill humans.

Hot Summer

And yet there are still the deniers – global warming.

The four Pacific states: Washington, Oregon, Alaska and California, are having one of the worst fire season, ever. Well in recorded history, since weather records began. One tends to forget about Alaska, their fire season started early. Washington state has a large rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula, it is one of the wettest places on earth.

So what are we going to do – you know for future generations? The oceans are heating up and no matter what we do the oceans will grow warmer. The point of no return has come and gone.

No one should be surprised. We have had warnings for decades. Now 97% of climate scientists and related disciplines tell us that Global Warming is real. Predictions are happening sooner than any of us thought.

Yet the oil companies continue with business as usual. Shell oil got permission to send a drill rig up to the Arctic circle. Apparently the billionaires who run that company believe that a new earth is waiting out there – New territory to exploit and plunder. Science Fiction, or speculative fiction writers have written hundreds – thousand of books about human colonies on other planets and human exploration out there. In these works of fiction the earth of the future is a soiled and rotten mess. Many of these works of fiction have been turned into movies and TV series.

What can we do? Other than vote, for people who really care what happens to future generations? By now most who voted for Obama know that he does not have the foresight and vision to make a difference. Anyone who makes it to the white house is seduced by the absolute power and wealth. Tomorrow will be soon enough, fancy words by speech writers are enough. I really wished I was wrong about the Con man know as Obama.

So now the next fricken election season is here. The real players are the ones buying the next election. The ones buying the elections are only interested in getting wealthier. How about that clown car full of Republicans who are mostly climate deniers? Candidates are playing to the guys in the back room. Not the voters of 2016.

It seems like we are told that every election is the most critical of our lifetime. That bit of drama is a farce. Don’t you think? Are the votes really counted? A few vote switches here and there – black box voting. Paperless ballots, votes tallied and stored on computers connected to the Internet and hackers, a plot for a political thriller or a prediction of the near future? Both parties must be comfortable with the concept of vote hacking, because nothing has been done to ensure a free and fair election.

We are going to leave behind a wonderful legacy for future generations. NOT! You’d think that the politicians and their owners would be concerned about how future generations will view them?

Dirty business of torture

So now the APA (Psychologists Association) has been caught with its pants down. Katie Surrence  calls the Psychologists who worked for the Department of Defense Lapdocs. These are the Psychologists who helped design the torture on humans. Psychologists are not medical doctors.

The reason this whole sordid mess has come to light is because of the very vocal human rights wing of the APA and the CIA’s own in house Health professionals fought to expose the dirty secrets. A lengthy report on the whole tangled web of human deprive behavior is reviewed by James Risen writing for the New York Times.

The Hoffman Report is about the torture of prisoners in the Bush and Cheney war on terror. This reminds me about something one of my psychology professors lectured about – fighting and hating the enemy can make those in power accept the tactics of the enemy. This professor was speaking about the old cold war with Russia and China. These were the bad countries that used torture and brain washing – not America – or so we thought back in the old days. This professor was speaking about ethics in psychology and that what we were learning could be used for good or for evil.

 “The Central Intelligence Agency’s health professionals repeatedly criticized the agency’s post-Sept. 11 interrogation program, but their protests were rebuffed by prominent outside psychologists who lent credibility to the program, according to a new report.” [Huffman Report].

The tiny detail that information obtained by torture is not reliable was understood by those critical of the C.I.A. grand plan. ” One of those who contacted the association was Charles Morgan, a C.I.A. contractor and psychiatrist who had studied military personnel who went through the SERE program’s simulated torture training, research that showed that the techniques used on them could not be used to collect accurate information.”

Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Jessen were later hired as contractors for the counterterrorism center, where they helped create the interrogation program by adapting the simulated torture techniques from the SERE program, using them against detainees.”

Isn’t that an interesting piece of information – the major reveal in this report. The torture that was tailored for the prisoners was developed from testing on human subject. Military men used as lab rats to somehow train these men how to resist torture by torturing the pilots and crew who flew cold war missions over enemy territory. What sort of after treatment did the human lab rats receive after days of “simulated” torture? In the early days of the POW simulation – the crews were sent home to their families to deal with the aftermath of being lab rats for sick sadistic bastards. I know I was a military brat and my dad was one of thousands of the crewmembers who were used as human lab rats.

The current crop of Psychologists who aided and gave the Bush administration and C.I.A. permission to experiment on humans are monsters. America has morphed into an amoral Nation – not all of us. But this experimentation was done in our names.

I for one do not approve of what this country has become, under President Bush and now President Obama. Perhaps the human torture experiments were stopped when Obama took office? But Obama has unleashed psychological warfare in several countries with the use of drones to kill. American citizens have been murdered by drone on orders of the current man in the white house. Imagine the fear and intimidation of all who hear the drones circling? Hundreds of innocent people have been collateral damage when a target is hit. Can humans be psychological tortured into being “good”? Is this another psychological experiment? Stay away from the guys the U S calls bad and you might live? From the interviews with locals I have read, they feel terrorized by the sounds of the drones circling.

Torturing the one prisoner or the captive populace of poor third world  countries – this is being done in our name.


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