Blaming the victims

Religious fundamentalist of the extreme religious cult Quiverfull Josh Druggar. Yes that pervert creep.

What sort of counseling do we suppose Josh’s victims received? My first guess is no counseling from a professional mental health specialist. Most likely the victims were turned into the evil ones. Because of Eve. All females are bad, luring the hapless male down the road of lust and other ungodly evil. Thus says the teaching of this misogynistic cult.

Gawker has copies of the sort of guidance that the Druggar cult would have followed – victim blaming and other such blathering nonsense.

The wagons have circled, protecting Josh Druggar. Amazing – nothing has changed.

America is famous for spawning cults. Quiverfull is just another cult. Where I live there are several cults. One is even a Quiverfull cult. The mom drives a big ass van. On the rear window is the cartoon of an adult couple and then lots and lots of little people, across the bottom of the window. The cult was established by the grandfather. Some of the daughters escaped. There are so many of these cult families in the northwest, and throughout America. Children are being harmed. Parents own their children – it would seem.

When a family is as large as the Druggar family or the other fundamentalist families how much parenting is possible? The older kids care for and raise the younger kids. The larger the family the less time there is for each child. The older children are family servants, because the mother’s job is being pregnant or getting pregnant. Daddy is in charge, his word is law. He is the link to God, he speaks for God.

Here’s a link with information on the specific cult beliefs of the Quiverfull adherents. They leave family planning up to God.

TPP this expert says no way

Read this article by someone who has read the super secret TPP trade agreement that Omaha refuses to release so that we understand the long term ramifications of the fine print. Senator Elizabeth Warren is correct – we have much to fear in this classified treaty.

The majority of Americans have no idea that they are being sold down the river by a con man named Obama.

TPP fast track – no way

TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP is a trade treaty between the U.S. and several Pacific Countries or Nations, including, Japan, Australia, South Korea etc.

If this is such a good deal then why is the whole trade agreement classified?

Obama is demanding that the Senate pass this without even reading the document. What information we have are the bits and pieces that have been leaked to Wiki-Leaks.

A secret agreement, and a blank check for Obama to sign the treaty.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is asking the President to release the text of TPP – so that the Senators can read it. Also the public needs to know exactly what sort of deals the U.S. Government is making with multinational corporation.

For the majority of American citizens, we are not trained in reading corporate double speak and we need an unbiased opinion, from people who can read and understand the sub context of the weasel worded TPP.

I trust Elizabeth Warren – I do not trust Prez Obama. Way back when he was running for President he was campaigning against NAFTA – which is the North American Free Trade Agreement. Now Obama is trying to force TPP through congress – unread. Obama has proven himself to be a master liar. Obama is now on the war path against Senator Warren, because she is asking the simple question – why can’t we read the text of the TPP. Why the secrets? Why is the document classified?

The scary question does the TPP trump National Law? Yes, but is there a work around this? Maybe and maybe not.

Elizabeth Warren asks Obama to declassify TPP. is another source for some of the negative ramifications of the TPP. One detail that is often left out of TPP discussions is the issue of corporate sovereignty.

Corporate Sovereignty links:

List of links at Techdirt on corporate sovereignty

Jade Helm questionable tactics

So anyway I was avoiding the whole war games in the Southwest by the U.S. military, there is the that fast tract thing that just got voted down by the U.S. Senate. But then Gawker has an article posted about a previous U.S. war games out in the public in 2013. Theses games went down in the deep south. The thing that is truly disgusting is the targets that the insane asshats purchased for use by jarhead Marines etc was a soccer mom with gun.

Talk about the blatant use of desensitization images – for what reason? Another Kent State? Years ago when I was visiting Hawaii there were war games – troops in the streets on the windward side of Oahu. Military pretend take over of the civilian space. Of course this public display of military might was old news to long time residents of Hawaii. The U.S. Military stole Hawaii for the U.S. over a hundred years ago – and the U.S. does not give back what they have stolen – ever.

The use of U.S. civilian targets for the military gun men to shoot full of hole? One doesn’t need to we a nut case like Senator Teddy Cruz to see that yes there is a problem with teaching the military personnel that civilians are an approved target. So what’s next? Sending these desensitized military gun men out as civilian cops, ready and willing to use civilians as live target?

Perhaps Jade Helm is the name of the preselected civilian target? And here we thought that the targets selected would be swarthy macho males in black pajamas – like the current crop of bad guys in the middle east.

The U.S. military has millions of acres of restricted military reservations where the can play their war game – stay the hell out of civilian territory. Where is the civilian oversight? I don’t mean the

KENT STATE, government sanctioned murder

Early May is when I remember the bad old days. GOP Governors hated the anti war protesters and the idiot Governor in Ohio sent out the National guard. The National guard murdered unarmed students.

The Police and National Guard have a very long history of putting down any protest against the ruling one percent. In California where I was a college student, the conservative bigots drove cars with bumper stickers with hate slogans against all college student. Many college students were Vietnam War veterans. Who do you think educated us about the lies by politicians and top military brass about the Vietnam War?

Ronnie Raygun was governor in California, he absolutely hated all college students. He did what ever he could to disrupt the education of thousands of college students. Raygun was a hater, a prime example of racism and bigotry. Raygun hated poor people.

Raygun used cops to harass and terrify college students. At random times cops would surround colleges and Universities. Any student who attempted to go to classes was threatened by foul mouth cops. By order of the governor campuses were shut down and cops were order to shoot any students who set foot on the university’s property. Cops were armed with rifles and they targeted students, there were no signs informing us that Raygun had closed the colleges and Universities. Just foul mouth cops with rifles ready and willing to murder unarmed students.

Not much has changed from the bad old days when the National Guard murdered college students and today where the cops murder unarmed citizens most of whom happen to be people of color. GOP need “the Other” to focus their hatred. People of color and poor are the current targets of the party loyalist.

How sad that so many people can be turned into a lynch mob. The hive mentally is alive and well in modern day haters. These haters have their saint Raygun to thank, that mythical Hollywood creation who was a billboard ad for Alzheimer’s symptoms.

KENT State

On May 15, two more students were killed and 12 wounded at Jackson State University in Mississippi, with nowhere near the attention Kent State received. The Jackson State students were African-American.

Riot control – big business, making the one percent even richer.

GOP’s vision of the future?

Seems other opionators are also asking what sort of future do the GOP field of wannabe President what to impose on the citizens of the U.S. and the world.

The GOP candidates already have made it clear that they making on eminent domain case for the wombs of females of child bearing age. Now the idiots are pushing a homophobic agenda. Let’s not forget that they want to eliminate all regulation, rules, and taxes from their corporate money bags. Vision of the future is more like a turn back of the calendar to the nineteenth century and the Gilded Era.

Does the GOP have a plan for the future

What I mean is what sort of world will today’s child find when they are adults?

Will adults of the future suffer the effects of extreme childhood poverty? Right now, today, the U.S. is the world’s leader in childhood poverty. USA is number one at being the worst. Ironic.

Yet at the same time the GOP wants to force poor women to have more babies. They love the fetus but loathe the child. Kansas Governor Brownback brags that more babies is the goal of all the anti-choice, abortion restrictive laws. Sex – OMG poor people are having sex. The abortion restrictions have almost no impact on the wealthy. When abortion was outright illegal in the U.S., there were many choices for women who had money. I pick on Governor Brownback, as an example of stupids, because my mother’s ancestors homesteaded in Kansas, she was third generation Kansas born. Of her nine brothers and sisters, only one remained to work the farm. The rest fled the state.

The GOP aims to turn back the clock. Forcing a rigid fundamentalist mythological religion on the U.S. population seems to be the GOP game plan for the future. Imagine the adults of the future, no birth control, women as submissive servants for their husbands, each wife producing a baby every two years, until she dies. Oh wait, that already happened. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, families were huge. Childhood poverty was epidemic, as was the practice of putting children to work. Researching my genealogy was a eye opening history lesson. One of my female ancestors was orphaned at an early age and immediately put to work in factories in the east.

Even if the history books used in schools fails to reveal the dark history of an official government policy on a blackout on birth control information, a review of U.S. census forms from the nineteenth and twentieth holds the raw data. Epidemics were frequent, and the death of mothers was exceeding high. In the mid 18 hundreds all but one of my female ancestors died shortly after childbirth, due to their weakened condition.

Why does the GOP hate children. Why is the GOP starving children?

Being number one in the childhood poverty rankings tells us about the future that politicians see for the USA. It takes hard work of the majority of politicians in the USA to gain such a high ranking among in the world. Yea Team, go USA. Not.



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