“Conscientious Objector” and the SDA

Why Ben Carson is a dangerous choice for the world – part two of into the world of the SDA.

The SDA church has a history of supporting the war effort but not carrying arms to use offensively against the enemy. Desmond T. Ross joined the Army as a Conscientious Objector during WWII, he supported the war as a non-combatant medic in the role he saved lives and was awarded the metal of Honor by President Truman. Wikipedia lists two more non combatant Metal of Honor recipients – Thomas W. Bennett and Joseph G. LaPointe. Both of these men were Baptists.

During the Vietnam war era most of the SDA college age men used various deferments to avoid the draft. The Young men were encouraged to request Conscientious Objector status. I know that many of the collage age draftees from the SDA college system served as non combatants, in country some played in the General’s personal Army Band, others worked as paper pushers or medics. Some decided to carry weapons when faced with the realities of war.

As a kid I was indoctrinate into the “render unto the government” – Desmond Does example. This was rather mind blowing on one level – since I was a military brat, living on a U.S. Naval Base, my dad off fighting the cold war. He was armed and trained as a sharp shooter, by his days hunting to feed his family during the Depression. His score shooting clay pigeons near the end of his career was 99 out of 100. That is the military – guns and the military. I lived on base during most of the Vietnam war, but was against that war.

Many of the members of the Seventh Day Adventist church are ultra right-wing conservatives. Many of the members of this church support the Iraq war. Reason? End Times prophesy found in Daniel and Revelation. This is one of the classes I took while going to a Seventh Day Adventist college. So while college kids at California colleges were doing drugs – I was studying the drug addled rumblings of the last book of the Christian Bible. Ha! With a straight face the college instructor attempted to make a drug addict’s rambling sound logical. End of times, Jesus is coming soon. The Middle East or Israel is key to these e d oh time mythology.

So – returning to Dr. Ben Carson, who is an SDA and his desire to be president. NuttyYahoo would be so pleased to have his very own puppet. The right wingers – end of timers – are praying for a major war in the Middle East. Then they expect most of the Jews to convert to right wing evangelical Christian whatever. Evangelicals can’t agree on the details.

President Ben Carson with his skilled hands on that mythical read doomsday button –  NuttyYahoo standing behind him, as the real power in the Oval office.

Either this is all real – or we are all watching a really bad horror movie.

Ben Carson-no way!

First off ALL the GOP candidates currently running for the office in the white house claim to be Christian, climate change denier, anti Science, they all believe in Creation myth as told in the King James version of the Bible.

Retired Neuro surgeon Ben Carson has separated himself from the pack for several reasons. First his denial of the GOP’s war on women – telling us that it isn’t a war on women, but rather on what’s inside women. That means the “lady parts”?? I let that remark pass because it appears that female biology, physiology were never part of GOP basic education.

Over the weekend I learned an important fact that makes Carson completely unacceptable to be President of the U.S. Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist – SDA. His father was a minister. Carson is an – End of Timer – the Adventist part of Seventh Day Adventist is the clue. The Adventists go to church on the Seventh Day of the week – Saturday or Sabbath. The believe that the whole Bible is the literal word of God. Their food restrictions are loosely based on the Jewish laws found in Leviticus.

In the early to mid 19th century there was a “great awakening” and new churches emerged. Preacher Miller came up with a theory that Christ would be returning to earth in 1844. Miller and his followers gathered on a hill on the appointed night and waited for Christ’s return. Of course this didn’t happen. Normally that mistake would have killed the church. But a prophet happened along, Ellen White, who through “automatic” writing from Angles who were connected to Christ – sent messages to this group of true believers. This story is told repeatedly as we go through the church and church school religious training. Outsiders who have studied the organization and history of the church give us the rest of the story – without the tireless work of a female prophet there would be no Seventh Day Adventist church. Yet the primary message of this church is misogynistic – because of the Garden of Eden and that evil bitch – Eve. The SDA church is behind the “creation Science” from the book of Genesis. All the other Evangelicals use the SDA “science” to support the rest of the “end of times” message to support their house of cards religion built on mythology. God is coming again and if we all follow the teachings (windbaggery), repent our sins and get ourselves born again then we might get to heaven.

Ellen White grew the SDA church, adding schools and colleges. Loma Linda medical University in Southern California is one of the many colleges. (My point being, that a SAD who is also a M.D., is not unusual.) But these church educated M.D. still believe in Bible mythology – thus the reason for Baboon heart transplant into a human child a few decades ago.

Back to the religious bigot and misogynistic Ben Carson. The SDA church as no women in leadership positions – the Quiverfull male/female ideal of female submission to the male head is the way the SAD church operates. Ben Carson is a hater – that’s the way males are raised. Ministers beating their wives – who can the women turn to for help? The male can do no wrong. Ben Carson’s father was a minister of that backwards, misogynistic church.

I know the SDA church. My great grandmother was a SDA, my mother was a SDA, I was raised in that culture. School, Church, College and then I walked away. I know the cultural, the people. In the U.S. most SDAs are Republicans. They loved Bush’s Iraqi War. Bring on the end times is their daily prayer. “I am sure Jesus is coming soon.” That is a common greeting between SDA members.

That said – there are also good and honest people who are SDAs. In the Caribbean one guy holds a high elected office. If I lived down there and could vote – I would vote for him and campaign for him. Ben Carson is an arrogant retired Neurosurgeon. How did he treat the women he worked with?

P.S. This word processor keeps changing SDA to SAD. Interesting.

Cat videos and the “news”

Cord cutters are the resisters – we cut the cable cord to avoid prepackaged and sanitised propaganda  news. That doesn’t mean we ignore the world, instead we probably read more news stories and headlines faster. We are able to read different sides of the major news stories.

Cat videos and photos also evolved into an essential antidote to human stupids. Cats have very definite opinions about reality and what is important. Cats live in the here and now. Cats and dogs can be best friends. Cats grieve when their best friends die. Cats give comfort to the human pack leaders. Cats don’t care about financial markets or the con men of Wall Street.

The ease of making videos and posting the results online makes stars of individual cats. So that means we can get an instant antidote to gut wrenching news stories.

My favorite cat video is called “hug of the century”. Go to YouTube.com and search for “hug of the century”. This video was made of a  visitors to a zoo and one lion’s joyful response to that visitor. Do cats love – feel the emotion of love? I vote yes.

There are still cat videos or politics

No matter how perverted or stupid the news – all of that can be forgotten with cat videos set to play and repeat. Kitten videos, kids, cats and puppies.

We are reminded that the war on women by the GOP candidates is real. The Republicans have long wanted to “fix” Social Security. Their fix involves privatization – meaning that the stock traders are going to become billionaires. We are reminded that it is the elderly women who must have their social security checks to survive. Charles B. Pierce calls the politicians who campaign on a anti social security platform – Granny Starvers.

Both Slate.com (Helaine Olen) and Scott Lemeux (Lawyers, Guns & Money blog) explain how the war on Social Security is also a war on women. My extended family has a few Tea Party members, these folks are angry. One retired relative went off on a half hour monologue about the idiots who call Social Security – welfare, an entitlement. He and his wife paid into a retirement fund, they earned this. What he was saying is the general consensus of my relative’s peers. He votes straight GOP, he has Fox “News” running 24/7. He and his friends do this because they believe that’s how Fox wins rating wars. Of course, according to Fox viewers, the most hated people are the lazy poor free loaders. Don’t forget the “illegal” immigrants pouring over the boarder.

The belief system of the Tea baggers is exceedingly ridged. The Fox taking heads disseminate the conservative talking points. Each talking head delivers similar messages, reinforcing the central thesis. Folks who are raised as Evangelical Fundamentalists are frighteningly easy to brainwash, or program. These folks can repeat the extreme right wing mantra – even if the memes conflict. Is there a conspiracy of an elite group who focus the one message, spoken from many mouths? Sort of like 1984?

Cats don’t care. My cat has me well trained. I feed him, pet him, scratch his head. At night he sleeps next to me. He reminds me to watch cat videos. He knows the dog’s tail is his personal cat toy. I don’t think cats would willingly join a political party.

Debate season

Or should that be “debate” season? Fox “News” and the GOP cult went first. Misogynistic ramblings from a pack of Jackals. Plus banging the war drums by the 12 or so fellas and that guy/gal with boobs. These sociopaths almost broke out into song – bomb, bomb Iran, etc. Several commentators mentioned they thought they could hear humming (or not).

There is always one guy who will do anything and say anything to get attention. In Family based counseling we call the child’s whose behavior gets attention – AGM – Attention Getting Mechanism. That rich guy with the mop hair style is one of several guys who suffers from a sociopathic adult form of AGM. On one hand the GOP Presidential candidates, serving as spokesmen for their corporate owners, low to no taxes and rules for their masters. Then on the other hand these same politicians were declaring government eminent domain on women’s wombs. No abortions, no exceptions ever. Jebbie Bush goes so far as to question spent on health care for women.

In essence, the GOP is giving us no choice. Forced birth and the willful murdering of women. No surprises from that bunch of clowns.

President Carter declares that the U.S. is no longer a democracy. He’s right and the proof was on Fox News sponsored GOP debate, Thursday night. A bunch of clowns, working for their corporate sponsors – except perhaps the Donald. Trump. But then, he is part of the one percent. He hates women. Megan Kelly called him out on his misogynistic language about women. Megan Kelly was declared the “winner” of the first GOP debate – by many viewers. This debate/soap opera was a ratings winner.

Why do these men want to be president when they want to turn the calendar back to the ninth century? We have major problems of inequality in living wages, better than nothing Obamacare, GLOBAL WARMING. California and the western states are burning. Wildfires are the new normal. Trees are dying – all over. These changes are happening fast. Yet the GOP is stuck in the past.

So, which of the current crop of sociopathic GOP jerks, will make it to the top of the dung hill? A new dung beetle ready to roll his owner’s dung ball through the next stage of the farcical campaign season? American exceptionalism? America and we Americans are being watched by the world. A soap opera, to be sure.

Gerrymandering 2014

This is old news, however, now that the crazy season has started again – we need to ask: does our vote count.

Gerrymandering was covered in high school Government class. One group gains power and draws boundaries to dilute one group, while improving the odds of one party over the other. In 2014 the GOP worked a textbook Gerrymandering scheme which favored GOP candidates. Not democracy but the power to draw lines to basics nullify some votes.

The statistics have been run and here’s an article to read  about 2014.

Is the GOP a cult?

Or any political party?

Does Fox News function as cult speak central?

Fox viewers are compulsive at watching the Stars. One common trait among Fox viewers is that their TV’s are stuck on Fox for hours. I’ve noticed this in friends and family homes. Fox viewers also quote as the ultimate reliable authority.

I grew up in an evangelical environment. My mom took us to church three times a week. Cult? Once I rejected my mother’s church and got a degree in psychology I realized the controlling environment of the church and cults. Waco, Texas – and that ATF shoot out with the Branch Davidians. The ATF had no idea what they were dealing with. This was a strict Bible cult – and the leader spouted similar mumbo jumbo I heard in church as a kid.

Evangelical means the second coming of Christ. It is the duty of Evangelical Christians to spread the word of Christ’s immediate return to every human on earth. Oh we must not forget that the Middle East must have a massive blood bath first – from there Armageddon spreads to the whole world. This hope of Christians for a blood bath has always distressed me. Evangelicals have told me of the joy they feel because this is the end of times, when the world ends and their Savior returns. Do these people even hear how grotesque it sounds to others.

The End Times, is when Christ returns to gather the “saved” folk who have not committed the unpardonable sin. What is that sin? Frankly I doubt anyone really knows. Through the years I’ve heard ministers come up with wild theories.

GOP folk seem to have a lock on evangelicals – which is another word for cult. Evangelicals believe the world is about 6,000 years old, and all humans descended from two humans. Talk about inbreeding and incest! Science has proven otherwise. Cult think – blind belief and obedience – the word of God.

Religious Cults have been part of America since before there was a USA. Cults like: Pilgrims and Puritanism, Calvinism, and Shakers.

The question is – are all political parties also cults? Eight years ago I watched a whole lot of cult like behavior in rabid Obama followers. I heard a whole lot of psychological manipulation from camp Obama. In fact there was a camp Obama for the Obots who trained to take over and dominate states with Presidential caucuses. People like myself who had psychology degrees and were trained in group dynamics recognized the methods and techniques used. So, yes, the Democrats also have their version of a cult. Although Democrats are like herding cats – but team Obama managed to get enough fanatics to win two election.

So I’m not alone in my concern about the right-wing media spreading hate (using cult like methods). A Salon.com article – The right-wing media’s vicious profiteering: How Donald Trump & Fox News are responding hate.


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