Imagination & me


Female, married to the same guy for a very long time.

BA, MA from a large California University in the mid 70s.

Degrees in Psychology back when B.F. Skinner reigned in Psychology Departments throughout America. Also degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology.

For my Experimental Psychology research project I chose Religiosity and temperament. I read every published research article on religiosity and personality. I tend to over research any subject — following all the trails to the original paper which spawned a whole research field. It is sort of like genealogy research (another interest of mine).

Religion is a subject I needed to study in order to move on to taking control of my life. I am a survivor of a mother who is devoted to her fundamentalist religion in  cult like way. I do know many individuals who belong to the same church as she does but who are perfectly normal people. Some people have a Christ like acceptance of everyone and live their belief and don’t attempt to force or dominate others to follow their brand of religion. So I researched the behavioral studies about religions and from time to time I review the current research. Religious insanity still exists.

Personality theory and research is another subject I’ve been researching and studying — it is my life long independent research subject. I did some post-graduate work at an East Coast Private college in Personality Assessment. From there I did research into Individual Differences in Temperament — in social non human animals. Turns out that I do not particularly like crazy people.

I am also an artist — I’ve dabbled in Fiber Art, Computer Graphic Art, Hot Glass, Metal (copper & silver).  I love to play with color and with mixed media.

Politics has always held my attention.

I am an Independent. I am an equalist — because the feminist label has been misused and abused by misogynistic women like Gloria Steinem and the former feminists who “endorsed” the penis now occupying the white house in DC.

My MA Thesis was on Sex Role Stereotyping, which was very bold at the time. The construct of the research was very simple and followed the accepted social attitude  research of the time. Sexism is learned and it can be unlearned.

Nothing. Has. Changed. This is my conclusion after watching the American culture over these past decades. Sexism is learned and it is being taught by the media, in schools and in the homes of America.

Dogs are superior to humans — at least dogs understand the importance of the Alpha Bitch. (that was sort of a joke — lighten up.)

Anyway I started this blog after posting comments on other blogs for years. I was sickened and appalled at the behavior of the boyz bloggers on some of the so-called A list blogs during the last election cycle. The misogyny of the so-called Progressives was worst, far worse than I have ever witnessed when I was doing my research in the 70s. The male owners of these blogs either joined in or allowed the hatred for women take over — they were like a wild mob. There are a very sick bunch of males out there. And their behavior was cult like to the point that the Obowma followers are called Kool-aid drinkers. The Rev. Jim Jones was a cult leader who took his flock to Guyana and that’s where kool-aid was laced with poison and the Rev. Jim Jones and his flock killed themselves. Cult leaders can so control their followers that people will kill themselves for their leader/messiah.

The Failbots (Obowma cult followers) invaded blogs and called anyone who questioned Obowma’s experience or qualifications — racists. That was their response to any criticism of their messiah.

I supported Hillary Clinton — because she was simply the BEST candidate of the whole field of candidates for the President of the USA. She had the experience, the training, the knowledge and she is wonkie smart. She knows how the Government works and she knows how to make government work. She cares about America and she understands that Women’s rights are Human rights. She gave that speech in China at a UN meeting on Women when her husband was President. She was cautioned against giving that speech — but she gave it anyway. That speech in now listed in the top 100 GREAT speeches of all time.

In comparison to Secretary of State Clinton — Obowma is inexperienced and he proves that every day with one stupid decision after another.

Obowma declared war on women during the primary season last year — he repeatedly insulted Senator Clinton. That list is long and the insults were sexist. Every time Obowma insulted Clinton he insulted ALL women. I took his insults personally. I also believe Clinton was short-sighted and stupid to take the job of Secretary of State — apparently she is closely supervised by the jerks at the White House — she works for da Penis gang. So she will have to work to regain my confidence in her judgment. She is enabling a sexist pig. Period.




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