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The LINE has been crossed

The line has been crossed by politicians in DC where WE say no more. Enough. Vote the Politician BASTARDS out. Two observations one from the blogger, Angryblackbitch about the line that has been crossed by the SENATE and one comment on a blog from goofsmom — Vote the bastards OUT.

goofsmom 12.20.09 at 2:28 pm

My personal opinion….

1. Vote all the incumbents out.

That’s all Dems and Reps. Doesn’t matter who, we need new blood in office. Everyone of them has been in there for what they can get re: power or money long enough.

2. Vote women.

When we can get equal representation then we can get picky about which women. When there are two women of different parties running for the same office then we can pick the one we want. If one of the women is an incumbent, then refer to rule 1.

3. If only men are running for the seat.

Won’t vote for either unless rule 1 applies.

Please note: I am not telling, suggesting, or inferring anyone do what I’m doing. I do not speak for Puma Pac. This is my opinion only.

Finally, we do not know what any politician truly stands for. Talk is cheap and we won’t know what they will do until they are in office. Yep, this includes the women too.

The only thing I look at is, I want to give women a chance to be represented equally in government. Then and only then can we say what they will do or not do when they have the ability to form a large voting bloc coalition. We don’t have that in either house, so we are the faceless underrepresented and ignored majority.

It’s time to speak up and be heard.


The link to Angryblackbitch is here and snips of her article are below — go read the whole thing. She has a way with words as you can see from the snips below.

Practicing the Fine Art of Bitchitude
Sunday, December 20, 2009
There must be a line…a wall to hit…or the struggle for reproductive justice is merely a suggestion.


But there must be a line…a wall…a place that is acceptable and then the place right in front of it that is unacceptable.

The Senate has crossed that line.

This health care reform bill, negotiated on the backs of women and soon to be presented for a vote with political boots placed firmly on the throat of reproductive justice, is unacceptable.


I oppose the Senate health care reform bill on the grounds that, in its current form, it singles out a legal medical procedure for unprecedented restrictions thus inviting the United States government into every doctor’s office so they can tell women and their health care providers what the Senate thinks is best for them…right for them…healthy for them…or not approved for coverage like it used to be and currently is even though it is legal in this country.

I oppose the Senate health care reform bill because,at the very least, it would not leave women worse off that we were before reform began…because women helped elect these fools to the Senate and, to vary a quote from my beloved Grandmere, “we brought your asses into office and we can vote your asses out.”

….. the only people benefiting from health care reform are the affluent straight white men of power who were already sitting pretty when this reform shit began.

Or the affluent women who can fly elsewhere to access the reproductive health care they opposed for form but would use at the drop of a dime…make that a lot of dimes…should they find themselves in need of the services they would deny the rest of us.

That bit she wrote about the government [and for profit Insurance companies] being there in the doctor’s office deciding FOR the doctor and the woman WHAT is best for us — she needs to add — that the American Christian Taliban will be in there as well. How long before the Stupaks gets to toss out birth control? Already many insurance plans don’t cover birth control for WOMEN.

The line that has  been crossed is the wall that is supposed to be between church and state. We have a right to be FREE FROM religion — and to practice whatever religion we please or none at all. Yet women will be forced to OBEY the religion of one extreme form of religion. This isn’t nuts — Stupak has managed to insert his religion into a health bill of all things and a fool in the Senate (Sen. Nelson among others) tried to get that same “language” inserted in the Senate bill.

That Health Insurance POS is proof positive that misogyny is so ingrained that most people miss it — and the foundation of the American Christian Taliban is misogyny. I think perhaps that the misogyny is so obvious that most people have become used to it and don’t even see it.


The link to Angryblackbitch has been removed from this article as well as from the blog roll to the right. She is far too angry and racist for me to risk sending anyone to be insulted by a Mrs. 0bama clone.

The elections of 2008 exposed the deep racism that runs in the black community. This needs to be discussed. Hatred of a whole group due to the color of their skin is just dumb — there are enough individuals to hate or dislike — why waste so much energy hating? I personally do not like Mrs. 0, because she is a racist. I’ve had teachers of color who hated me simply because of the color of my skin. Mrs. 0 is like those teachers — it was evident in the way she called President Clinton and Senator Clinton racists (Mrs.0 will NEVER get a pass for her behavior and racism during the election). Mrs. 0 is similar to the angryblackbitch. Both are consumed with racism and they will call anyone and everyone a racist — because they themselves are racists. Blacks who voted for 0bama simply because of the color of his skin are racists and unfortunately they are learning that he doesn’t give a damn about them OR any American. The only person 0bama cares about is himself.

When and if the angry black bitch grows up and looks at the content of a person’s character rather than skin color — then we will know that she has tossed off the heavy weight of hating everyone who happens to appear to be white. In America a whole lot of us might look white — but our genetics show a very diverse ethnic heritage. My great great grandmother was Cherokee, and more than likely a few more Indians are hidden in my family tree. I also have a bit of Jewish blood in one family line as well as Quakers and a collateral line from the father of John Adams.

[I will post an article sometime about how I don’t hate Christians or religion — just the folks who use Christ’s name for their own mean purposes.]


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