Where does it stop? Groping by TSA

The question being asked repeatedly sane  air travelers is just how far will the US Government go?

The porno scans and continued sexual molestations of air passengers will get worse. Apparently all citizens are deemed a threat — even CHILDREN are being fondled/molested by huge TSA Nazis.  See article and video at the link below.


While we are told that the scanned images are “deleted” anyone who knows anything about computers knows that “delete” doesn’t mean eradicated.

We also know that the cleaned up “scanned” images used for P.R. purposes aren’t the ones that the TSA perverts are seeing on their viewing screens. According to the Australian news reports the real scans are far more detailed then the “official” P.R. photos.

So the question remains — how far will the US Government go on their warpath to eradicate the Constitution and traumatize the majority of paying airline customers?

If we follow the path that the Government is going down using the “What is Next?” question then the logical conclusion is that sometime in the near future passengers will be drugged, nude and in chains.

The photo in the article below could be the future of flying.


The problem with all of the time consuming, and expensive methods being used at the airports are in place to fool the public using fear. In the end it will be the aware passengers who spot the creeps like the crotch bomber and take action. Treating everyone as potential terrorists apparently is how the Government responds to any and all threats.

Also the Government always lies — so whatever the government claims we can assume is the polar opposite of the truth. Porn scanned images are being saved and the radiation etc. from the machines are probably not “safe”.

How far will the Federal Government go toward their goal of passive, compliant air travelers? Within 10 years all passengers will be prepared in the following manner for transport. Nude. Drugged. Chain.




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