Terror Terror again the news media says

Glenn Greenwald writing at the Intercept has a story out with the background details about which reporters are embedded or in bed with the Obama Administration. In order to have his new war Obama has got to link the OLD war that Bush and Cheney invented so that they could bomb Iraq. Al Quaida wasn’t IN Iraq — and Saddam kept the really really bad guys out. But his buddy buddy relationship with the Bush gang went downhill with papa Bush last century. Clinton came along and he got to bomb Iraq as well. Children were killed in the process. I’m sounding like a broken record. Sorry. But it isn’t me, I’m just reporting what happened last century.

Iraq has oil.

They never did teach us the real reason for war last century. Perhaps this century students will learn what wars are really about.

How often can the Obamas of the world keep shouting terror — so that more civilians can be killed and who really gives a damned about the children? Not Lady Obama, that’s for sure. She wants to be rich — forever — so she will keep quite.

Netanyaho breezes into town and shrieks  — Hamas equals ISIS — both must be destroyed. Netanyaho wants on the terror band wagon. Both Hamas and ISIS are Islamic and Islamic is bad. He keeps forgetting that Israel helped create Hamas way back in the last century as a replacement for the PLO. Amazing, does that guy Netanyaho ever listen to himself? Ever? Does he really want the world to listen to him and then remember last century when another despot wanted to rid the world of a whole group of folks because of their ethnic/religion (Jews were the enemy of the pure ones of the Fatherland) way back in the middle of the last century. It is really shameful that he made a fool of himself. It will take a few decades for the remaining good and kind people who are Jewish to clean up the mess Netanyaho is making in this world.

Back to the ongoing war, or continuing war on Syria and on Iraq. Who are we to believe? How about the super secret sources in the administration (Obama’s) who can’t be named. Oh O — we have some leakers? That’s fine — they don’t count as leaders.

Al Quaida is scared of these guys. Now we have a lot of sources which tell us that the bad guys that Obama is bombing are really the same old moderates. But since they were once part of Al Quaida, then because of an old approval for a war earlier this century — then this war is “legal”. Didn’t Nixon say — if the President does it then it is legal? Or something.

Anyway this is the same news that a few bloggers have been alerting the world about in the last few days. The former moderate guys are being bombed in Syria. Even this blogger was reading Robert Fisk and Juan Cole who were telling us that there are no moderate rebels in Syria.

Disbanding the Ferguson police force

The more we learn about the Ferguson cop shop, the more we need to ask why in the 21st century is a thing like this allowed to prey on human beings? I have a USA Today app on my tablet. Most of the time I ignore the thing. One breaking story was – cop in Ferguson shot. Wait for the details, those guys wear cameras now. More news slithered out. The Ferguson cops can’t keep their story straight.

The first most of us heard about Ferguson police, was when one of their number murdered an unarmed teenager in broad daylight, in front of witnesses. No trial, just one cop who felt like it, murdered another human being. Just another day on the job in America where being a cop means – license to kill.

Now this new shooting of a cop, supposedly. Seeing how the cops aren’t very good at hitting a target, under stress, how do we know that the individual they were chasing, turned around and fired off one round and hit a cop in the arm? Thing is we can’t believe these cops. Their story changes – two different stories about how the cop was shot. Which story is true or is there a third account? If the cop had his body camera on we would have another witness.

These guys from Ferguson are wearing arm bands with these words: “I am Darren Wilson”  The name of the cop who murdered Michael Brown. Ferguson cops still aren’t wearing their name tags. The U.S. Department of Justice has requested that Ferguson cops wear their name badges. These guys now have body cameras, but the cameras must be turned on to works.

So now there is the call by bloggers and others to just disband the cop shop. The end, close it down. Start over, from the beginning. Why does Ferguson need cops? What sort of law enforcement does Ferguson need? Human beings are not perfect and so laws are written and to follow through – some sort of reasonable law enforcement is required. Not the military style of law enforcement that is the mind set, the culture of cop shops in America today. Reset, rewind – let’s all rethink the job of cops. Most all of us probably agree that this is a necessary job. The war on drugs perverted the cop’s job. That’s when a lot of the bad stuff happened. Closing Mental hospitals and forcing jails and cops into being the de facto mental health system.

Back to Ferguson, we really do know why the Ferguson cops are now out of control – they are a symptom of what is wrong with a huge part of America. If this cop shop is disbanded what will replace it? Citizens need to have a voice in how cops do their jobs. We need to have a voice in job qualifications and psychological testing of police candidates. It is obvious that little or no testing is being done by cops shops of the new hires. Training of future cops needs to be evaluated and changed. We need to know if it is the job and association with older cops that could change the new hires to the Darrel Wilson kind of cops.

These are the sort of things Eric Holder should have been doing. He could have put a task force on the job to understand why lethal violence by American cops is so high out here where we all live. Attorney General Eric Holder has been a failure. This is ignoring that Wall Street continues to loot with ERic Holder’s blessing – something about “too big to fail”. Most likely Eric Holder has a very well paying job on Wall Street waiting.

Banned book week – really

Here’s an article about banned books and the reason that the book banners give as to why that particular book should be banned. 1984 made the list.

Who is watching the researchers?

Gawker has an excellent article about “Big Data”. The author of the article is ” Vann R. Newkirk II is a data geek, fiction writer, sc-fi lover and professional curmudgeon.” To understand data collection and researchers who collect data he takes us back to the early 20th century when some very unethical research on humans was undertaken without the knowledge or awareness of the test subjects.

We are in another era of big data collection and statistical collection and manipulation. This data is not unbiased – there are always biases because humans are doing the programming, asking the questions and running the numbers. Funding sources can also bias data collection and the interpretation of the data. In psychology we call this E-bias or Experimenter bias. We were taught about ethical research methods and to always be aware of the sin of E-bias.

Facebook conducted very questionable research on some users of their social media. Some variables of their news feed etc was manipulated to see if this affected user’s emotions. Talk about manipulation and dirty science – this was the prime example of where big data becomes dark matter and science fiction evil.

Some researchers are very ethical and are aware of the dangers when they do not have the informed consent of their research subjects. For the unethical researchers they need supervision.

Big Data needs a Belmont Report. But given the stakes, communities can’t sit idly by this time and document abuses until the disaster has already happened. The Belmont Report and the ethical revolution that followed the Tuskegee Study focused on beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, and justice as four key principles for studying human subjects. While these four don’t quite appropriately address the concerns with Big Data of today, they are a starting point.

Researchers Neil M. Richards and Jonathan H. King at Washington University in St. Louis have identified four additional principles of privacy, confidentiality, transparency, and identity that are useful in creating an ethics structure for using Big Data. According to Richards, the ethical responsibility often extends to the algorithm and outcomes themselves. “We can’t outsource responsibility to an algorithm” Richards said. “We have to have social confidence in the kinds of outcomes it’s going to produce. All decisions to entrust a decision to an algorithm are relying on flawed human decisions and human creations.”

Big Data users should have a burden placed on them not to harm individuals from whom data is gained. They should be held under the threat of criminal charges to absolute privacy and datasets should be limited to truly non-identifiable data unless the subjects explicitly agree otherwise. Privacy statements and consent should be written in 8th-grade language and limited to a few pages. Above all, persons should be respected as persons and not as faceless points of data. According to Richards, all of these solutions “mean that all of us, particularly politicians, policymakers and judges are going to need to get their hands dirty” in the actual meanings and intent of data use.

With the dawn of the age of the Internet and then Social media, big data has become a gold mine for both ethical and the unethical researchers. Obama’s campaign made massive use of big data. Phone numbers and email addresses were linked.

Now I am wondering which commercial firm was in charge of creating this huge database? I read an article about an individual who went to great lengths to keep his personal and professional life separate. Yet he was getting calls (same exact calls) on both his business cell phone and his private cell phone. He was not happy at all. As I remember this person was in a position to know exactly how to isolate his business and private worlds. He was concerned about the way the Obama camp was collecting and sharing data.

Democrat candidates were flocking to support the Obama campaign because of his vast database on voters according to reporters interviews. It takes a lot of effort to amass the much date (never mind the vast number of worker hours) and Obama had this database very early in his campaign. The news story was published in late 2008 or early 2009. If I can find the links to these articles I will post them. At the time when I read these article I was very concerned. Now that we know about the activities of the NSA and commercial data collectors the warning flags of six years ago were mild compared to what is really happening with big data.

Please read the whole article linked because we are all affected by what “researchers” do with big data. 

Additional links and information
Tech dirt dot com has an article – “Data is everywhere let’s use it” with links to the story about Facebook using and misusing data, plus other examples. The free apps aren’t free – puberty get outweigh adds or some of theses apps track your location or track you online activity. Before downloading a new app read the comments. Free is sometimes very expensive. Download anti virus software for android and Apple products. Many of the app security programs will alert you to intrusive unnecessary permissions the app wants to snoop for free.

Positive story about cop rescuing dog

Ever so often a cops shows his human side. What is also interesting is that a manatee stayed with the dog. This happened in Florida and the dog fell into the water and couldn’t climb up out of a steep bank. The police were called and one climbed down to bring the dog up to dry land. Nice story, nice ending.

Links to keep track of who’s who

A work in progress, of reliable sources and links with information on what is happening in the Middle East. When the government’s propaganda machine starts a war with lies and cover ups we know that time travel exists – just kidding. If you don’t have a good memory you are going to fall for the same lies over and over again. You don’t need a savants memory – we have the Internet where people with long memories love to point out how often politicians lie.

Links below are ones I will be adding to keep track of the bad guys or sneaky Obama fights two wars.

Middle East watcher are telling us that a back door war is underway to rid the world of Assad. None – not one of the rulers in the Middle East is a good guy.
Newest links first.

Emptywheel blog looks at the illegality of Obama’s new war. If the chicken hawks in congress want to impeach – have at it fellas. Those bombs being dropped are most likely illegal.

Pepe Escobar as always has some insight into the who’s who list of evil doers. “Obama’s PlayStation Bombandiers” gives a flavor of what insider secrets of name changes used to make former allies the bad guys. Obomber’s spokesman said that the military watchers have been watching the bad guys were were part of the Al Quaida or former members or trained by Al Quaida. This was the moderate Jabhat al-Nusra who were being armed to eliminate President Assad – who isn’t a very nice fellow either. Now the former moderates who have a non aggression agreement with ISIS were bombed. At the same time the Israelis took out a Syrian military jet – just because they could with a missile made in the USA. Pepe has a habit of picking up news not covered by the U.S. media.

None of this news about moderates rebels who are not moderate is news – but rather really old news. The Obama gang merely rebranded an existing rebel group with the name of a region in Iran. Gee how clever of the Obama Bombandier Commanders. Fool the American public again, raise the scared level and then Americans will forget to ask how much will it cost. Will veterans of this war be greater any better?

Robert Risk is another Middle East reporter and watcher. He’s the reporter who first blew the whistle on the Nusra rebels with links to Al Quaida who were being funded by the U.S. as “moderate” rebels. He also has written an article about the bombing of Syria by the U.S. etc.

Evidence of mass psychological manipulation

Rebranding an old rebel group with a new name and new goals.

Australians politicians are not immune to the need to spread fear. Australia is one member of the “Five Eyes” so their leader is required to sell the U.S. propaganda.

Netanyahu the master propagandist.

Common sense lacking in DC

Washington DC also is home to ordinary “we the people” citizens – just getting that detail out of the way. For most of us who don’t live in DC we tend to think of the politicians and political appointees who inhibit the mystical place called DC.

Now for the daily stupid. New rule – the open carry laws do not apply to black or people of color. That means if you happen to be of color and male and you are seen carrying a TOY GUN in Wal-Mart – a TOY GUN sold by Wal-Mart – you too could be shot dead by cops. The grand jury refused to do the right thing, rather choosing to pat the cops on the back for a “justified” execution murder. Nope DC is not responsible for Ohio grand juries or for racism. But the Supremes in DC are responsible for giving cops cover to gun down over a thousand humans on a yearly basis. DC has been too lazy to keep an accurate count of cop violence in the U.S.. There are a couple of citizen initiated projects that are tracking the evidence that cops in America are on a killing and violence spree.

The cops that are not directly shooting unarmed teenagers are wearing wrist bands in support of cops who do execute teenagers. That would be cops in Ferguson and nearby white ghettos. I find this sort of brotherhood unity very disgusting. Everything is related and the attitude of the military is to dehumanize the enemy. That way it is easier to get grunt soldiers to kill the thing – the other. Sort of like the cops who consider civilians as the enemy, and manage to act like an occupying foreign army, in places where the people that they are harassing, also pay their salaries. Turning other humans into enemies makes it easier for cops and soldiers to kill other human beings. Serial killers graduate from torturing and killing non human animals to stalking and killing humans. That does NOT mean that all cops and soldiers are psychopaths or killers. That just means that there seems to be an innate taboo of killing other humans. To create warriors that taboo has to be over ridden. When the value put on human life is zero . . . Bad things happen.

So now we move on to discuss this ongoing war, this never ending war, for resources in the middle east. The wack a mole game the linked article calls Obama’s very own war. Nobel laureate – Peace prize winner, Obama is ordering more death and destruction on yet another group of very nasty bad guys, in a place that is over supplied with bad guys. This “democrat” President has constructed a war that will be reported according to his wishes. The liberal? Damn it,  those sneaky bastards were just here – now where are they? Don’t the liberals question Presidents about wars? Nope not today.

The enemy is again the other, less than human and anyone who is killed by bomb dropped from a safe distance is a guilty terrorist. Those are the words from on high, so we lessor mortals need not bother ourselves with the details. All of this is so 1984 – how long will it be before yesterday’s bad guys, are the good guys, because the former bad guys have gotten control of all the oil?

Oh, wait, these new bad guys are coming here to kill us. They are the terrorists who are really dangerous. Panic attack, right on cue by conservative white politicians and talking head new readers.

Listen to the absurdity of the scare tactics and the deliberate misdirection. The reality is that any foreign bad guy will be pointed out to cop hit squads.

People of color, in the U.S. are under suspicious by any racist white guy in a store. White guy can call 911 to get a team of cop hit men to take out any person of color acting scary. No one else is scared but one white guy is. So these foreign terrorists somehow sneak into America and do what? With all the scared white guys on the look out for the bad guys . . . See how this fantasy story of the Obama political think tank bares no resemblance to America?

The facts are that our home grown born in the USA killers, are far more dangerous to us here in America. We are more likely to be killed by SWAT teams who invade the wrong address, than we are at risk from foreign terrorists. We are more likely to be killed as innocent bystanders to a police high speed chase. Police violence against citizens is where we are more likely to be injured or killed. As long as the idiot cops at the top of the pecking order continue to blame the victims, “don’t get pulled over”, then nothing at all will change. The politicians will misdirect our attention to the bad foreign guys in that terrorist incubation pit called the Middle East. (Yes, I know that not all the people in the MIddle East are terrorists – millions are homeless refugees and victims of terrorism.)

Wars are about resources and control of resources. The MIddle East has oil but is in short supply of water. Some wars are religious wars – which could be used as a cover for the real motive of the really wealthy who own the world. That motive is the absolute control of resources.

Meanwhile back in America the militarization of cop shops continues and the Congress went on vacation before deciding to keeps things as they are.

My very conservative relatives keep trying to blame the U.N. for the militarized cops. This military equipment is given to the cops to hold for the U.N. troops, they tell me they hear that on Fox news. If they can’t believe Fox news who can they believe. I’ve heard so many versions of that story.

The reality is that we are on a steady march towards Fascism. Cops want to play dress up, the Feds really want to eradicate all domestic protests – even peaceful protesters who want to save the earth for the next generations get tear gassed by cops. (Reference to save the earth protests which took place last weekend. Police rioted and tear gassed people just because police have an abundant Federal supply of tear gas that might go bad sitting on the shelves. Plus the cops like to play dress up.)

Could it be that the reports of violent cop behavior is because these cops are selected for personality traits related to blind loyalty? Tests, personality testing, behavioral assessment for job aptitude and behavior under stress, have been around for decades. Why aren’t these assessment tools being used to eliminate the cops who resort to violence as their first response. These cops are using their own “fear” as an excuse for firing multiple bullets into unarmed human being and family pets. Something is wrong. Cop violence is a symptom of something that is very wrong in our country. I don’t have the answers, only more questions.

What I do know is that America can not afford another war. We are a third world country. Children are going hungry and yet there is plenty of money for another billion or trillion dollar war. Why? Bombing ISIS won them several thousand new recruits. Obama may be able to cover up the truth but at some point the truth will be revealed. That old guy in the Obama puppet suit is really Cheney. That’s how the movie now playing would end. Convoluted and confusing.

Additional information and links

Links to news stories exist – check here later in the week for links, if you don’t know how to do an internet search.

It is darn right scary when after writing this blog post I find another blogger, Jane Stillwater, who is following a similar what would happen if this thing happening over there were to be brought back home to America? But Jane dear the stalking of people because of their gender or color of their skin has come home. She has lots of links in her essay. Similar to the ones foreign affairs links I was going to add down here. I think I even used “stalking” in this post. And Jane is correct that in his foreign affairs Obama does stalk his victims. But then, he has been doing that at home as well. Members of the media who refused to merely repeat the official line and seek the truth ARE being stalked right now. TherESA has or is currently breaking into every single “secure” and “private” place where whistleblowers and reporters just might share information.

Then over the weekend we learned from the Sacramento Bee, a news source in California, that the U.S. Navy had snooped into every single computer (connected to the Internet) in Washington State. In turned out that the Navy began searching for a leak or something. Since the military is everywhere in this state, that turned into – search all computers in the state. Which then turned into – look what we can do – we the moral cops, the U.S. Navy, will invade the privacy of everyone in Washington State looking for pornography. They found one guy with kiddie porn, turned over the evidence to the local civilian prosecutor who put the guy on trial and got an 18 year conviction. Every person in the state was treated as the enemy, we were stalked by the U.S. Navy. Ha – but the case was appealed and the judges were not pleased with the warrantless searches of all computers. The judges tossed the conviction as a lesson to the Navy. The military is forbidden from spying on American citizens. Yes, Jane what happens over there is already happening here. Just not that much blood loss is involved – yet. We are being stalked and if we continue to object to the criminalization of dissent we could be droned or something similar.


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