Male rage and murder

There was another case of school violence, this time it happened in a small town north of Seattle. This is quite close to where a bridge on Interstate 5 fell into a river. Massive structural failure of the bridge, old bridge, poor design and it was hit by a truck which helped to set up the catastrophic failure.

Easy access to guns is a major mental health and health issue in the U.S. Wait for it the defenders of the second amendment will be out in force to say what we need are more guns in school. Yep, right a free for all shoot out, between – gun slinger teachers and students. Look what happens in NYC when the cops shoot at one person, lots of bystanders are hit by stray bullets. We are told NYC cops are trained to use guns???

Why so much male rage? That’s the question I asked about Darren Wilson’s excessive use of gun fire to take down an unarmed young man or teenager – Michael Brown. Darren Wilson claims he was “afraid” – the all purpose get out of jail card used by violent cops. Darren Wilson is an angry white male – who turned his rage on an unarmed teenager.

The article linked above and here reminds us that for women to reject some men could mean death. The motive for the mass killings was because one girl rejected the shooter. There is a pattern emerging, the obvious pattern is easy access to guns makes it easier for males to vent their rage against whoever they blame.

Then there is the 13 year boy who had the nerve to laugh at an adult male in a state of full rage. The adult male’s home had been robbed and he threw one check of a fit, according to witnesses. The boy laughed at the berserk male and the adult male grabbed his gun and started shooting at the boy.

Male berserk rage is a problem. People are dying because a few males lack impulse control. NRA freaks will be crawling out from their holes defending the right of people with mental illness to own guns. As soon as I mention to conservative family members that people with specific mental illness that are known to be dangerous to themselves should not be allowed to own or use guns my relatives freak out. Mention – any restriction at all of anyone’s right to own guns – will trigger – their own fear that anyone can be labeled “crazy” – and have their guns taken away. The NRA fear induced paranoia seems to be if guns can be taken away by the certified crazy people – then anyone can be declared crazy. The NRA plays on their member’s emotions.

The linked article goes in a slightly different direction, more about the male female socialization process where males are encouraged to vent their anger outward and women are trained to stifle themselves.

Jackson Katz, author of The Macho Paradoxwrote that for men, “anger is much less treacherous emotional terrain than other emotions – and much more socially acceptable.”

[C]ountless men deal with their vulnerability by transferring vulnerable feelings to feelings of anger. The anger then serves to ‘prove’ that they are not, in fact, vulnerable, which would imply they are not man enough to take the pressure.

Women do get angry, but experts say we just handle the emotion differently. Psychologist Sandra Thomas, who conducted a large-scale study on women’s anger in 1993told the American Psychological Association 10 years later, “Men have been encouraged to be more overt with their anger,” while women direct it inwards. Little has changed since then: we’ve still taught to be “nice”, that lying is often preferable to open conflict and that anger is unattractive and unfeminine.

Aggression and violence is a fascinating animal behavior subject. Springer spaniel rage is a genetic behavioral trait now recorded and studied in several different dog breeds and mammalian species. A few Stallions have this rage syndrome. In dogs often there is no warning that the dog will transition from a peaceful companion to a potential killer. There is a lot of research and anecdotal reports but no real understanding of what triggers the violent rages. I don’t recall a case study of a female dog having a rage episode. There may have been an article I missed.

Deaths of children is always sad. Violence at school is especially traumatic for the whole community. The problem is that the survivors will pay the price. Surveillance of the survivors by adults will become more heavy handed and common sense will get flushed. For the sake of the survivors I hope this isn’t the path frightened adults take.

Double standards – death reports

Glenn Greenwald picked up and expanded the discussion about how the U.S. press covers the death of Americans overseas. Israel in particular. Last week a two year old American citizen was killed in either a traffic accident or by act of terrorism. It is hard to impossible to know when the news come out of Israel and knowing the bias of the U.S. news media. A child died and that is always sad.

Another child was killed, deliberately this time, with a carefully aimed bullet. No car accident ambiguities this time. The child who died was an American citizen who happened to also be ethnically Palestinian. The U.S. media could care less that THIS child was a U.S. citizen deliberately targeted by the Israeli military.

With the very high number of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli military, many head shots – this suggests that children are being deliberately targeted. The most moral army in the world is what the IDF calls themselves.

Someone needs to send the Israeli army the definition of moral – or perhaps the translators need to be FIRED. Someone screwed up – murdering children is not moral. Murdering children is the most immoral thing an army can do. The fact that the soldiers are never punished for murdering children, tells us that Israel is an immoral country and it should be shunned by the world. Israel stop fucking with the English Language.

Obama ordered the murder of a 16 year old American citizen in Yemen. Obama had already assassinated the boy’s father. By all accounts this boy had done nothing to warrant an execution order by the President. I did not vote for Obama because he crossed the line when he murdered this American citizen. Obama is devoid of a moral core – just as the Israeli army is devoid of a moral core. If the IDF feels the need to claim the title most moral it means that they are the opposite of moral. And the 1984 doublespeak is in full force this decade. Doublespeak seems to be evidence of a plague infecting most politicians.

Windows 8 still bad

The word I want to use to describe Windows 8 would probably not get past the WordPress censorship.

Windows 8 – if you don’t uses the blasted computer for a few weeks the password no longer works. So now you need ANOTHER computer to change the code and try to read the dumbass font – Microsoft uses so only humans can figure out the letters.

Now this time I am going to take a day off to download programs which will make the Windows 8 run like Windows 7. The Windows 8 computer is faster but not when you count all the time hacking through crap in order to get down to the software to do a job. What happens if you don’t have access to another computer or the Internet? That password crap has got to go. There is a way to un-tether your computer from Microsoft. Why is Microsoft in control of MY computer in the first place? Rude – MS is a rude, nasty corporation. If you have a Windows 8 computer then you will need – I Hate Windows 8 by DJ Jones.

The best book to fix window 8 is called – I Hate Window 8 - by D J Jones. If your old computer dies or can’t handle graphics and you have to replace your computer and the only one you can afford is a refurbished Windows 8 – just buy the discounted computer AND get the ebook – I Hate Window 8. I know a guy who is making a ton of money from retired folk who are having trouble using their Windows 8 computers.

Darren Wilson’s emotions

Update - this article asking why are some men so angry? Angry is the wrong word – when that anger translates into murder then the emotion is rage.

Darren Wilson brought up the subject of his emotional state (fear) when he murder Michael Brown at high noon in front of witnesses. He has already proven himself to be a liar and a coward. His performance in front of the grand jury must have been high drama. Most likely he was prepared and coached for his performance not unlike presidential candidates. Most likely he knew the questions in advance. Using the “fear” excuse has become a common by cops.

There is one emotion that Darren Wilson displayed when he killed – rage -which he hasn’t acknowledged. The reason for his rage hasn’t been explored, to my knowledge. Most people would link Darren Wilson’s rage to racism. Since he fell back on the “fear” excuse there was probably racism but that isn’t the real reason for Darren Wilson’s rage.

First let me take you back to the 1990s, Hawaii, Oahu. An off duty cop, a traffic jam, a Hawaiian mixed race male teenager. The cop was white, but what is more important is the age of this cop – middle aged. (Darren Wilson also looks like a middle aged white cop.) Back to the cop in Hawaii. He was also displaying rage. He got out of his car and confronted the local teenager, the cop was misusing his authority as a cop. Lots of witnesses. There was a push-shove fight and the off duty cop goes over the railing on the over pass, and he dies from the fall. The thin blue line went to work over time, ignoring that the cop was no saint and that the cop’s emotional state – rage – started the fight.

In Hawaii – among the locals – they are much more frank in talking about sexual issues and sexual conflicts involving the aging bull and the young bull. Yep this middle aged cop was no longer a sexual stud, he probably had performance issues (Senator Dole and viagra sort of issues). There are some men in hyper masculine occupations who put a great deal of value in their manly bits, size and performance. When a guy hits the middle age bump and his penis betrayal starts getting to make him realize he is getting old these guys sometimes take their rage out on the young bulls who are at their peak.

Back when the teenager and off duty cop had the confrontation I read a lot of discussions by Island locals on the male problem – raging about middle age. How it was common knowledge, in Hawaii, that males nearing middle age sometimes became unstable. This whole concept of the fragile male ego was really interesting. Someone on one of the discussion boards pointed out that guys that age couldn’t fake it when their male member wasn’t up to the same stamina as it was when the guy was younger. Suddenly all the younger men were the enemy. NOT logical behavior but an emotional reaction to the normal aging process.

Not all men react this way to aging. However Darren Wilson was not suffering from fear when he executed a much younger man with two head shoots, as the younger, unarmed, man was surrendering. Darren WIlson was enraged from the moment he saw Michael Brown. Darren Wilson was the aggressor. Darren Wilson pulled Michael Brown through the open window of the police car. That is not a fear response. Brown pulling away shows a normal self preservation response to a middle aged man’s aggressive behavior.

Darren Wilson could be suffering from a severe case of testosterone poisoning. As a group, cops and some males in the military seems to suffer more from the poisonous side effect of testosterone than other occupations.

Fear? The cops have over played that excuse. Rage – we are seeing a whole lot of cop rage, live on candid camera cell phones. Darren Wilson was not afraid, emotional and stupid, that evidence was left on the road for hours. That image of Darren Wilson’s guilt will never go away.

Obama heir to Nixon

Obama is using Nixon as his mentor. Obama won his election with the help of 8% of the conservative vote. That was something I learned from the linked article. The idea that Obama is acting more like Nixon than Raygun has not been lost on many Conservatives. While Fox News and conservative talking heads scream about the evil Obama the think tank Conservatives are seeing the results of the Obama reign which is NOT liberal. Nice to know that the Conservative pundits agree with me, that Obama is a conservative.

Obama continues the Bush/Cheney blueprints for Iraq. Obama covers up for the Bush/Cheney war crimes and adds a few of his own. Whatever shadow group appointed Obama to run for the white house made a brilliant move. The Democrats got out foxed. Put a guy on the ballot who can run as an African-American democrat but who is really a White Kansas Republican (like his grandfather) and the idiots will come out to vote. The plus was that he could make pretty speeches but only when his teleprompter is working. His electioneering speeches were mostly empty words and empty promises. Global warming will not have changed after Obama’s eight years. With the fracking and coal and the Keystone pipeline thanks to Obama – future generations will not think kindly of us alive today.

Obama has jailed whistleblowers in vast numbers – more than any other Presidents combined. Obama runs a secretive and dishonest ship. Of the African-Americans who supported him faithfully – they haven’t seen much improvement in their lives – that is the ones who survive an encounter with trigger happy cops. Women who helped put Obama in office got tossed under the bus.

Anyway it is nice to know that Conservatives are now acknowledging Obama as one of theirs. Too bad the other side, still can’t see the Fox in the chicken coop.

Want to know why I’m an Independent? Underneath the political promises and speeches, there isn’t a whole lot of difference. Under both parties the line between the haves and have none has gotten wider. The rich have gotten richer, way richer under Obama. Global warming is worse, children aren’t better off. Poverty has increased to the point that one third of Americans are either near the poverty line or below the poverty line. Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows – that’s why her voice is getting stronger. Bless her.

So now we are supposed to vote again, my choices are GOP or GOP light. My congress critter votes conservative, making it easier for the spies to spy on everyone. He hasn’t seen a war he doesn’t like. Social programs – not important. He has joined with the GOP in dismantling the social safety net. Yet he claims to be a democrat. He came into office on the Obama bandwagon. The whole state democrat party sold out to Obama. The Obama party. Most democrats never even noticed that the democratic party no longer exists. When the dem headquarters was moved to Chicago to become part of the dirty Chicago political machine – that was when the old democratic party died. That would be FDRs party, and Truman’s party and JACks party. You know back in the last century.

So I will be voting third party. Not that it really matters. But I do honor the women who fought for our right to vote. So I vote, because I live in one of two states that makes votes easy and painless. Standing in line for hours to vote – that happens in third world countries.

South Florida

South Florida has voted to break away from north Florida and become the 51st State of the U.S.

Good idea or not?

If the northern half of the state continues to ignore the fact that global warming is happening, faster than the scientists have predicted – then the only option is for South Florida to go for the 51st spot. There is a U.S. Senator who would be left adrift – that would be a good thing as well. We need more Senators who will be more likely to represent their constituents, which is more likely, if high population states are broken up.

More information on South Florida, personally I believe Northern California should split from Southern California.

Dallas and Ebola

The more we learn about how that Dallas hospital mismanaged the first Ebola case makes me question the medical education and knowledge of the folks running the medical system.

First the hospital sends the Ebola patient home and then changes their story.

So he returns, this time very ill,and he isn’t put in isolation immediately ??????

Is this an example of a hospital run by a CEO with zero background in medicine or biology or science. I have heard doctors say that the don’t make the decisions on patient care, that’s made by the bean counters upstairs.

What happened in Dallas is scary.

We haven’t been hit by a massive epidemic – like a killer flu – but it could happen. Hospitals and our health care isn’t prepared.  I’m not terribly concerned that Ebola will be a major problem in America. But what if the next flu outbreak is the one that is missed?

The bottom line, loved by medical insurance stockholders and CEO s – is just what a super bug needs.

Here is some more do not panic over Ebola information. There is a link in the article link above. It appears that the Ebola patient is most infectious when near death. That would be logical for a parasitic infection dependent on a host. Like the horror movies where the evil parasitic spirit must jump to a new host to survive. Cut off the possibility for the evil ghost to jump bodies before the old host becomes useless to the evil ghost. Writers need to get their ideas somewhere.


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