Racism then and now

The South has long been associated with racism – after all there was the civil war and lynchings. That was then our country has grown up and we don’t do the racism thing anymore. Right? That’s what some old white guys who wear robes are telling us. But I don’t know what world these old white guys and an Uncle Tom are living in. Racism is alive and well in America. Cops are waging war against African Americans just like the IDF is waging a racist war against Palestinians. But in America some argue that this war is class warfare. Witness the biggest supporter of racism and classism – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who sides with the ultra conservative right wing of the Supreme Court. The black guy of the Supremes.

The statistically evidence of current racism has always been there for anyone to see.

The evidence of racism is in the news far too frequently – unarmed black man killed by cops.

In the current outrage happening in Ferguson, Missouri, the murder of Michael Brown is outrageous. Unarmed teenager shot with his hands up. The cop who executed Michael Brown is in hiding while his buddies are busy thinking up excused so that the victim can be found guilty in the press and by potential white jury members. Of course I don’t have proof for the conspiracy claim, I merely judging the public behavior of the cops. Cops who refuge to install dash cams or wear body cameras. Nothing that murdering cop can be believed. While I know that all cops are not bad. The bad cops are making all good cops look bad. In Ferguson, MO all the cops are just plain dirty cops. The evidence – their soldier costumes and behavior while shielding a murdering cop.

Example of a bad militarized cop who sees civilians as less than human and who is also a racist pig. This creep should be fired.

When cops consistently get away with murder no one is safe. If you are a black male then you are even less safe. The statistics show a racial bias in lop sided numbers of people murdered and in cops going to jail for murder. In Ferguson it is the cops who are rioting. Projection – at least on cop was reported calling the local protesters “beasts” and worse. The cops are projecting onto the protesters the behavior that the cops are displaying. Militarized cops who consider their enemy less than human. To become a killing machine killers give up some of their own humanity. Cops get away with murder because there is no oversight of cops. Cops judge cops and except for a tiny minority of cases – cops find murder by a fellow cop to be justified.

Some cops abuse their authority by raping women. Most cops get away with rape because their victim are too threaten and frightened to report the rape to the the cops fellow cops. This fact is why the victimization of black men by cops is something I relate to. Women need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. We look around and spot the potential threats. Since most cops are male they out of necessity are classified as potential threats. This is the world misogynistic world we live in. India is even a more hostile place to be female. In America the culture of racism today makes it dangerous to walk while black. Although seemingly off topic cops raping women while on duty – victimization of the “other” by cops means cops know that civilian law does not apply to them.

Now the poor little cop guy who murdered the unarmed teenager is claiming he was injured. At this point can he be believed at all? How about another cop hit him so he could make the claim that the very large black man hit him first. Liar. The witness saw the cop reach out of the truck’s open window and grab the teenager. Truck’s partly opened door could have bounced back and hit the little scared cop. So scared cop assaults teenager and gets hit by his own cop truck door. Cop gets pissed so he empties his gun into the unarmed teenager. This was done by the little pissed off and enraged scared cop who was determined to murder the teenager. Why isn’t the cop in jail? Where are the results of the blood work on this cop? Was he drunk or on steroids or any other drugs? This case reeks of cover ups and lies from the cops from the beginning. No dash cam indicates a form of premeditated murder. The case for full premeditated murder would be the final head shot to the top of the head. Little white cop shooting big black teenager in the top of the head – murder. But the racist will find excuses for the physical evidence of bullet to top of the head.

When cops can get away with murder and attempted murder even children and babies are not safe in their own beds. So yes Racist America it does matter that cops are given a license to kill along with their badges.

Then there is Georgia where a typical dumb ass gang of cops get all dressed up in their SWAT outfits to fight the article on drugs. In this case the enemy was a baby sleeping in his crib. So the Bastard SWAT gang tosses a flash grenade into the baby’s crib. The injuries from this war surplus grenade were life threatening. The baby was put into an induced coma. This child will need years and many surgeries. Will the dumb assets pay for their incompetence? Georgia dipsh#its say nope they are not going to pay. So it is lawsuit time.

The cops and their handlers continue to push the boundaries. When a child and his family are targets of a SWAT team for a minor drug offense by SOMEONE else who did not live in that house – the cops claim they did not know children were in the house – these cops crossed a line. CIVILIANS are not the enemy. We are all at risk from berserk cops who are so out of control that not one of the jerks saw any of the obvious signs that CHILDREN were in the house. These cops must have been trained by the IDF. No joke that really is what has been happening. Do a Google on that subject. See for yourself. Don’t believe me – do your own research and be informed. Be aware that the next target of the cops could be you and your friends. Cops make money for their cop shops by writing tickets and jailing people and fining people. Cops have an incentive to go after all civilians – even on bogus charges.


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Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas are all members of the same Fraternity. Marcy Wheeler as a detailed review of Eric Holder’s statement. Her words are best rest in a quiet room. Holder ain’t black he is just another privileged male who wants to keep the status quo.

Who is in charge in Ferguson? More members of the press are arrested and jailed – after being shot with rubber bullets. Link to account of arrest and night in jail.

Perhaps what the two reporters got was an even deeper story. At some point the victims refused to be abused any longer. The yoke of learned helplessness is broken and some victims will stand up and say – no more beating no more treating worst than sub humans.

Hermsmeier and I got out of jail this morning. None of the other people who are still there, as far as I know, work for well-funded, high-profile media organizations. Few are white. The concerns these men raised—and the intensity that they have for this moment in Ferguson—runs very deep. Several cited the disproportionate number of traffic stops of young men of color as a specific problem. On a more fundamental level, their grievances centered on a perceived lack of respect from the police sworn to protect their communities, a sense that anything could be done to them and nothing would be done in response. One young African American man from the area positively beamed at being arrested for a cause; he likened it to going to jail with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Not a single one of these men, through our hours of conversations, expressed any desire to let up. This will not end soon


Holden is a jerk.

The question remains – who is calling the shots in Ferguson? There is a Fusion Center in St. Louis. Could it be that the data collection and spying on citizens is being used in Ferguson to keep the servant class in their place? What is the real purpose of the Fusion centers and the militarization of the police force?

Not to forget the mentally ill

What is it with the trigger happy cops taking target practice on unarmed teenagers and the mentally ill. Arizona is not a good place to be if you or your loved ones are mentally ill. Actually there are few places in America where cops are trained how to deal with anyone who is mentally ill.

The latest case of cops taking target practice on a mentally ill human being is Phoenix, Arizona. Cops are called to an apartment to ‘deal with’ someone who was mentally ill. She came at them with a claw hammer and so the cop did his required target practice on a mentally ill person. There are non lethal methods of dealing with mentally ill when they are having a psychotic episode. How many times will execution continue to be the SOP in dealing with mentally ill? Of course this ass hole cop will get away with murder. That’s the mental health treatment plan in the U.S.. Jail or shoot mentally ill human beings because they are the disposable ones in this primitive backwards country.

There are a lot of things wrong with the U.S. at the top of the list has to be the cops attitude that civilians are the enemy. Shoot first and then make up stories about why it was necessary to keep their shooting skills up to date. More than likely the cops have a book of ‘justifications’ for target practice on minorities and crazy people. The psychopaths have taken over the asylums and the asylum is America.

Mental health hospitals and enough beds for critical long term care. Oh hell no that money is being sent to Israel so they can continue their long planned genocide of anyone who isn’t Jewish living on land their sky God gave them. Cut the funding to the racists in Israel and spend that money here at home for treatment and care for mentally ill who live here in America.

Segregation, racism and misuse of authority

There was a standoff in Nevada – WHITE ranchers. Some are calling this gang the Bundy gang. No humans were shot and the gang leader is still strutting around sounding tough and talking tough. Thing is Clive Bundy is still alive and he was insulting and back talking law enforcement authority. To some cops failure to immediately submit to cop authority is enough reason to beat someone to death or to execute a human being. (Especially if you happen to be black.)

There was a confrontation between a BLACK unarmed teenager and a WHITE cop. Teenager was executed by the cop. The teenager’s “crime” was jaywalking. The cop as judge, jury and executioner – acted on his own. This happened in broad daylight and in front of witnesses. This didn’t happen in Gaza or the occupied West Bank where child playing in their own front yard are executed by passing Israeli soldiers. This execution of an unarmed black teenager happened in Ferguson, near St. Louis, MO.

Ferguson cops have a history of racist behavior. This cop shop is rotten from the top to the bottom.

The execution by cop is the issue. The issue is this execution by cop was not the first time this happened. In fact another unarmed black man was executed in L.A. after the cop in Ferguson executed an unarmed teenager who had his arms raised over his head in the Universal sign of surrender. So could this also be called a war crime? The white cop shop of Ferguson is at war with the black citizens of Ferguson. The issue is the number of execution by cop carried out in too many states. The issue is the militarization of police throughout the U.S..

The cops in Ferguson are trying to change the narrative. The head cop in Ferguson is trying to muddy the waters by building a justification for the murder of an unarmed teenaged who was shot to death while he had his arms raised in surrender. The Police Chief is the one who needs to be fired with no pension. He is the one in charge and he is the one in charge of the training or lack of training. Hiring of and cops – blame the Police Chief. His cops reflect his bad leadership and inability to select non racist cops.

The cops are at war with citizens. What other reason is there for the massive show of force and intimidation of the media by the cops in Ferguson? The poor and minorities are living in ghettos. If ghetto population object to bring treated as less than human – they are told that they are at fault and lazy. Eventually the victims get angry when a line is crossed. Leaving the body of the dead teenager on display was most likely one of the triggers that brought out the protesters. In turn the crowds made the cops riot – mostly because they wanted to play soldier.

Cops are at war with civilians. Civilians are the enemy and being treated like the enemy. People in Ferguson are being arrested for sitting in their own cars in the own driveways on their own property. Blame homeland InSecurity, and the War on drugs and militarization of American cop shops.

My dad and many other veterans do not need to play dress up soldier. Real soldiers who have been to real war zones and have been in real battles wouldn’t be caught dressed like fools.

Someone needs to inform the old farts on the Supreme Court that racism (and sexism) still exist in 21st century America. Another execution of a black unarmed teenager by a white cop is just one more statistic proving that America has  Long way to go to reach equality for all.

There is a lot wrong in America from Clive Bundy’s gang in Nevada who has been stealing from tax payers (not pay in grazing fees), to cops executing mostly Black human beings. Cops are given billions of dollars worth of military equipment which makes the cops want to play dress up like a warrior and threaten unarmed protesters.

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The Pentagon is preparing for mass civil disobedience (that the cops intentionally trigger, perhaps?)

Ferguson puts the spotlight on militarized police forces. (And how that can go so wrong in the hands of a racist police force.)

Give Senator Rand Paul full credit for speaking out AGAINST
the militarization of the civilian police forces in America. Way to go Senator Paul! In the comment section it was noted that Senator Paul’s position is in line with his Libertarian values.

Home alone car gets in trouble

The car in question is completely innocent. The guilty party is the spy cameras and software used to read car license plates. These stupid programs can’t tell the difference between some numbers on license plates. I’ve read stores about innocent drivers being pulled over and facing cop’s guns – because the cops are too lazy to double check the license plate numbers. The offending numbers were 1 and 7. Stolen Cars with similar plate numbers but DIFFERENT make, model and year than the wrong car pulled over making the computer error very obvious. In San Francisco a woman was pulled over, pulled from her car and left face down on the pavement. The stupid cops were unwilling to admit that their fancy computer spy program made a mistake.

Now for the innocent little elderly import car, home alone while everyone was off on long trips. This little car got tagged for skipping a toll booth. Car’s owner comes home and asks the car if the new self driving Google computer was installed so that the little car could go off somewhere on vacation. No Google computer was found anywhere in or on the little car.

The next target to take the blame had to be that commercial spy software that is being sold to cop shops and state governments. The tag readers with known errors. Humans can’t be bothered to double check for errors. After a short call to phone number on the ticket and reminding person answering the phone about the  known computer errors — human looks at photo. Why yes the computer can’t tell the difference between an 8 and 0 (zero).

So now we already know about the 1 and 7 errors. Now we learn that there are two more numbers that the computers have trouble distinguishing between. How many people are going to die because of computer errors and trigger happy cops. Not to mention poor innocent cars left all by themselves being blamed for skipping a toll booth. Dumb ass computer programmers. Dumb ass governments for buying faulty equipment. What about people who travel? Poor little home alone cars will be blamed for another car’s sins.

Ferguson MO and trouble

The press is taking a closer look at the Ferguson PD and prosecuted and what they are reporting should not be happening anywhere. Third world bully cops where terrorizing the citizens is commonplace – this is the story that is emerging.

Then a real combat veteran takes a look at one the weapons in the cops hands and on their bodies. This particular cop was ready and over equipped to go into battle with ground forces of the ISIS in Iraq. These are cops dressed to kill not combat troops in some foreign land. This is the militarization of police by the U.S. Government. It is a good thing that the press was on the ground watching the cops – I would hate to even imagine the blood bath a full blown cop riot would cause.

To make it worse, the cops are being over-equipped. I was a soldier. I was in an invading army. The cops are often more heavily armed than I was. Yeah, I had access to a lot more in the way of support. We had some belt-fed light machine guns, a .50 Cal, and a Mark 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher, as well as being able to call for Artillery, Cavalry, helicopter gunships, and “fast movers” from the Air Force, but on my person I had 7 magazines, for a total of 270 rds of ammunition


Some of the cops in the pictures in the #Ferguson photostream they seem to have at least that many mags, as well as a second weapon. Think about that; every one of those cops seems to have at least 270 rounds of ammunition. If you have only the twelve cops in this photo that’s 3,240 rds of ammunition. How many people do they think they will need to shoot

? [Link for the two quoted paragraphs.] 

The prosecutor in Ferguson should be removed. Recommended reading – both the article and the comments where I found the links by the veteran, quoted above. One video I watched last night showed the cops in full riot. The cops were the aggressors. The crowd was armed with cameras and cell phones recording the cops shooting tear gas at a peaceful demonstration.

No wonder some cops go berserk when citizens use cell phones or cameras to record cops. The cops of Ferguson are seem like they are rejects from third world cop shops. In one case the wrong man was arrested and then assaulted by Ferguson cops. The victim was then charge with getting blood on the cop’s uniforms. Blood caused by the cop’s beating an innocent man.

Now it seems that the cops are trying to justify the execution of the unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, because he was supposedly the prime suspect in an armed robbery. Lies, lies and more lies from this cop gang. This reminds me of the Netanyahu lies about the “kidnapped Israeli teenagers” which was used as an excuse to bomb the hell out of Gaza. When caught in a lie – tell an even bigger lie. Mike Brown was never the “prime” suspect. This story was made up, long after the fact by the dirty cops of Ferguson. Several people have pointed out that the video of the robbery shows different foot wear. But the cops were too dumb to notice that little detail.

Dirty cops in Ferguson. Investigate the whole gang and get rid of the rotten ones, starting with the police chief who is covering up for a cold blooded murdering cop. The cops are linking the dead boys name to a crime he did not commit. Plus the murdering cop did not even know about the robbery. This seems like a case of a white cop driving around looking for someone to beat up. It will be interesting to watch the cops continue to lie. Once the lying reaches this level the liars can’t stop lying. These cops are probably sitting around, eating doughnut and thinking up more lies.

Meanwhile the fella in the White House dances the night away. Oh he’s on vacation.

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If it quakes like a duck

For many of us who have been following the IDF’s attacks on Gaza and then switching to view the video feeds of the militarized police force of Ferguson, Missouri armed response to a crowed armed with CAMERAS we can’t help but see the damned duck.

Turns out the Israelis trained the Ferguson cop force because Homeland security thought that the bozos in Israel who drop bombs on civilians were experts at crowd control. That would be crowd control of collective punishment and kill the civilians and press — IDF brand of crowd control.

Here’s an article from 2011 about the Israelis training US cops.

It feels to me like the cops of Ferguson were trying to make an already situation worse. The cops wanted to bring out their shiny new toys to use on a group of unarmed protestors. Or shall say armed with cameras. There are hundreds of hours worth of video and stills of the cops of Ferguson action like the IDF in Gaza.

When the military tactics look similar that’s because they are similar.

Homeland InSecurity has got to go. Also how about dual passport holding individuals who are in charge of Homeland inSecurity like that nutjob during the Bush/Cheney reign.

For the nutjobs out there who think and say — “Well that is happening to the, you know, ah, African Americans and that doesn’t really count. Everybody knows that they are all bad anyway. Doesn’t the Bible say something about Black people being evil and all?” That quote is pretty darn close to what I’ve heard from Religious Right folks. 

I am so sorry that so many people have had to die before people are shocked that the bad stuff that is happening in third world countries is happening here.

The change of command — bringing the Head of the Missouri Highway Patrol is a welcome change. Now keep that dumb ass Police Chief of Ferguson away from open mikes. Better yet put that old gas bag in a cell. Everyone in the chain of command who was involved with and dismissing the crime of the cop, who executed the teenager while his hands held high showing that he was unarmed,needs to be put in jail. The patrolman who did the shooting, his immediate superior officer and on up the chain of command to the windbag Police Chief.

Israel training US cops before the Occupy protests — so if the police response looked like a coordinated military response — it was. We will see more of the militarized police force response more often unless the breaking point has been reached and the media continues to hammer home the point — that we the people are not the enemy.

New top cop in charge in Ferguson

The head of the Missouri highway patrol has been put in charge in Ferguson.

Big difference according to reporters tweeting from Ferguson.

Leadership. Makes a big difference. The current police chief of Ferguson is a perfect example of what cops in command should not do and should not say.

New Police Commander In Ferguson Marches With Protesters – http://huff.to/1Bi4nsL

The LA Times report that largely repeats the police chief’s opinions of what happened. The head cop had more sympathy for the murdering cop than the victim or is family. There are two eyewitness accounts which do NOT match up with the official cop version. The LA Times did not give a balanced report. Poor little executioner cop says his face was injured. (That happened when the cop reached through the window to grab Mike Brown’s shirt.) Cop tries to pull Brown through the open window and Brown tries to pull away. What sort of police trading do the have in Ferguson? While the cop is holding Brown’s shirt – the first shot is fired. The first eyewitness sees the blood and sees his friend turn away. The cop is claiming that Brown is trying to get the cop’s gun. (This cop version is not credible.) Both eyewitness accounts have the cop getting out of his vehicle and continuing to fire. The autopsy will determine how close the cop was to Brown when he shot Brown that first time. Mike Brown was unarmed and the cop was the aggressor. This happened in broad daylight and in front of witnesses. That cop should have been taken straight to jail.

There was no excuse for this to happen – this whole episode was an abuse of authority.

As the stories are filled it is easy to see which reporters and news outlets are too busy to do their jobs. L.A. Times is guilty of lazy reporting. The two eyewitnesses are more credible than the Ferguson Police Chief. Could it be that the police chief is white and the eyewitnesses happen to be of color?

Why was the body left on the sidewalk in the sun for four hours?


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