Hospital bombed Israel lies

International laws apparently do not apply to Israel.

The Israeli army’s tanks boomed a hospital and now a school full of refugees. These victims were ordered to leave their homes. So these refugees were sheltering at a U.N. school. Hey Israeli racist, what you are doing is not “self defense”. What you are doing is called murder.

I’m  truly sorry about what happened to Jews in WWII – but that was long before I was born. You know like ancient history. The year is now 2014. This is a new century. But what was murder in centuries past is still murder.

Now I know that not all Israelis are racists. However, now that many Israelis have become a mob it is dangerous for peace loving Israelis to protest the actions of their government. So sad.

However let the racists speak. So that the world knows the truth.

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History of the lead up to the current slaughter in Gaza. Link above.

Cannonfire blog has a powerful essay called – “How to end the Genocide“. One thing he says we can do is to blog about what is happening in Gaza.

One of my ancestors survived the trail of tears. The genocide of thousands of Indians in the forced relocation of East coast Native Americans so that Indians’ land could be stolen by whites. Before that we have an ancestor who escaped the Spanish Inquisition in Spain. His crime? He was Jewish and he was forced to renounce his heritage. He fled to France and then migrated to Maryland.

The battle over land and the extermination of the “others” has a long and ancient history. Why is the U.S. Government supporting and funding genocide? Israel seems to be herding the citizens Gaza into a much smaller space – making the slaughter easier. Tell everyone to evacuate and the bomb evacuation centers?

Eastern Washington wildfires

I am about a 150 miles east of where the fires are raging. Some days the smoke is thick. My cousin and I have inherited our grandfather’s smoke allergy. Ironically my drive plan two weeks ago was to travel west on state highway 20. The reservation near the Okanogan area leading to the mountain passes was made but lightening strikes set off wildfires in the area before I was due to leave. Some days we see the pink haze from the smoke – depending on how the wind is blowing. Both route 20 and 2 over the Cascade Mountains are closed. The main route Interstate 90 is a massive construction zone at the pass. Two routes west remain. The problem is that heavy smoke makes for hazardous driving.

Never before in Washington’s recorded history have four large fires combined to create a gigantic fire like the firefighters are dealing with. My allergy to smoke is absolutely minor to the devastation of the areas just east of the Cascade mountain range.

The red wild fire symbols are growing on this map which is an overview of all known ongoing fires. There is a new fire just south of Spokane.

Global Warming. In the days leading up to the fires the temperature it was extremely hot in Eastern Washington, triple digits. We have a Governor who is very aware of climate change science. He knows that this is the new normal.

There now a forecast for heavy rains to hit the fire scorched areas of eastern Washington. So now the new worry is – flash floods on hillsides stripped bear of vegetation.

Chaos in Gaza

This war on Gaza is troubling. My tax dollars are being used to kill babies and children. That I personally detest the Islamic fundamentalist religion is beside the point. The people of Gaza are human beings as are their siblings the people of Israel. Right now the aggressor is Israel – no matter the claim of “Self defense”. If Israel can claim self defense as the justification for attacking hospitals – this is a war crime. We are told that Israel is very careful in targeting. Then we must assume that children are being deliberately targeted.

Is claims to ‘warn’ people to leave. How can Gaza’s children escape when there is nowhere to go in the open air prison called Gaza?

The reason for the Israeli attack on Gaza is said to be self defense. But there is that prize called gas. There is no way that Israel can exterminate all Palestinian – although it is clear that the folks who come out to view the bombing of Gaza as a spectator sport are like the ancient Romans watching the gladiators in the Roman death match orgies.

It is unsettling to read the trolls responses to any story containing even a trace amount of empathy for the children of Gaza. These trolls are the hard line believers that the Israel army can do no wrong. Bombing the hospital in Gaza is a war crime. Period. Targeting civilians and children is a war crime.

The U.S. Government’s blind obedience to anything Israel demand is troubling. Israel is not perfect. Israel makes mistakes. There is a strong peace movement in Israel. I’m following their observations of the current leadership of the Israeli Government. There is a lot of manufactured hate in Israel and in Palestine.

This ongoing racial hatred of people who claim a common ancestor called Abraham is getting very old. The idiots on both sides will keep up the cycle of hatred as long as outsiders continue to buy into the old and hardened hatred. This is yet another example of Neoconservative rage and love of chaos.

Children must not be harmed. Israel is deliberately harming children. First with the blockade of Gaza and now the deliberate targeting of homes and the hospital. Yes of course the Palestinian bad guys do the same sort of targeting – but the deaths of vastly more Palestinian children tells the story of deliberate targeting.

The U.S. Government needs to withdraw all military support from Israel – immediately. If ever there was a time to support peace candidates in Israel – now is the time.

Harming children is wrong.

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Other wars and parallels – comments by Glenn Greenwald.

Israel reaping what it has sown in Gaza. Originally published in Haaretz.

” According to International Humanitarian Law (IHL) hospitals are protected sites. Article 19 of the Fourth Geneva Convention also states: “The protection to which civilian hospitals are entitled shall not cease unless they are used to commit…acts harmful to the enemy.” The Geneva Convention also requires “a reasonable time limit,” for allowing an evacuation. If a hospital is used to launch weapons, under IHL it can only be targeted when there is an imminent strike originating from the location. Even storing caches of weapons do not meet international law’s stringent threshold for firing on humanitarian sites

Jon Stewart – speak out if your side is wrong. Knee jerk support for bad behavior of governments encourages them to continue on a self harming path. “How Jon Stewart made it okay to care about Palestinian suffering.”

6% of the Palestinian population is Christian. Muslims are taking shelter in Christian churches. And these churches are being hit by Israeli fire. Basically there is no safe place for the Palestinians to go. As the population seeks refuge that refuge is then targeted by the the Israeli Army. These are human beings. Children are dying. It sort of looks like the Palestinians are being herded into a tighter group.

Then the misogynist old Professor speaks is mind. The only way to stop Arab suicide bombers is to rape their women. Another version of collective punishment of the innocent for the crimes of others. WTF?

Wars and more wars

Gaza again. Why? Could it be the gas reserves just of shore from the Gaza strip? Children are being sacrificed on the alter of greed.

Then in the Ukraine today a Malaysian passenger 777 jet was brought down by a missile – fired by one side or the other. This war is a proxy war – the U.S.A. supporting Ukraine. The rebels supported by Russia. Right now most of the world’s attention is focused on the horrible tragedy of 295 killed for merely flying over a war zone. I’m thinking of all the family members who have lost loved ones in yet another senseless war.

The U.S. propaganda media has their marching orders – support the U.S. Government’s version of reality and ignore the children being mowed down.

GOP puts fetus rights above those of the mother and yet once the baby is born – forget about the creepy beggars. The humanitarian crisis of children crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. – send them back – is the response of the radical right. Children are being killed in Gaza – deliberate targeting of children by Israeli gunners. The NBC reporter who covered the story has been ordered to leave Gaza. How dare this reporter put a face and a name to four murdered children.

Will the racists in the Israeli Government manage to exterminate the whole Gaza population – over gas reserves? Gas, land and water are reasons enough to engage in genocide.

Until and unless there is recognition of and respect for Palestinian humanity and their inherent rights as an occupied people deserving of self-determination, the bloodshed and violence will continue. Without any accountability mechanism to persuade Israel to take this approach in negotiations, the way forward remains murky. In the meantime, analysts and journalists can do their part by treating Palestinians as actual human beings, deserving of safety and security, whose lives have value. The more we hear about Palestinians from Palestinians themselves,the better.”

Six percent of the Palestinian population are Christians.

If the roles of Israel and Palestine were reversed I would be making the same arguments. Israel has a right to exist. The right of Israel to exist does not make genocide of an occupied population moral or legal under International laws. War crimes are happening in Gaza. The British people survived the nightly bombarded during WWII and were united in their fight against Germany.

Where is the compassion for the victims?

Can I demand that my tax dollars not be spent on wars and as foreign aid to Israel and others who wage war? Never mind I am not a corporate human being – my voice and vote don’t count.

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Another perspective – bring to trial those who are accused of war crimes on BOTH sides.

In some ways warfare and psychological warfare hasn’t changed much from WWII and today.

Siblings at war again

That would be the Israeli Government and Palestinians whatever. The fact that Palestinian children are dying in large numbers AGAIN is so very sad. Before the three Israeli teenagers were murdered – Israeli soldiers murdered in cold blood two Palestinians teenagers. This back and forth grudge match has been going on for generations. Children seem to be targeted by both sides.

In this latest incarnation of the cycle of hatred the social media has been used – if you look for racist tweets – they can be found. I read a few. The thing is that somehow this time the blood grudge match seems different. I’m reading comments following articles on this latest “war” that most of the world has really reached their limits on the poor “victims” or the Israeli victim card. This time the manipulation of the events leading up to the one sided blood bath became known. Apparently the Israeli command knew that that teenage Israeli boys has been killed almost immediately. But the “search” for the boys gave the Israeli Army cover to invade Gaza.

And now we see the old game of shooting fish in a barrel. Or asymmetrical warfare – where one side has all the military toys needed to slaughter mostly civilians. The Israeli Army claims the Hamas aggressors are using civilians as shields. Not hard to do when a large population is crammed into a tiny piece of land.

If the Palestinians could get away with being heavily armed by sugar daddies – they would do what the Israeli Government is doing.

But Israel is no longer the victim – they have lost many knee jerk supporters. The world has become war weary. There is that mess in the Ukraine. Then the ongoing mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s not forget the wars in Africa. Also the violence in Central America which is creating a refugee problem on the Mexican and U.S. borders.

Children are the ones who pay the biggest price when adults wage war. That to me is the most evil part of this so called modern war.

Additional comments and links.

Journalists horrified to see Palestinian children playing on the beach targeted by Israeli military.

More on the Israeli targeting children playing on the beach.

“Meanwhile in Israel:

A well-known Israeli politician and parliament member has branded Palestinians as terrorists, saying mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed during the ongoing Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to ‘little snakes.’

‘They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,’ Shaked said, adding, ‘They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

So sad – when children are deliberately targeted with journalists as eye witnesses.

As California goes – so goes the Nation

Ronald Raygun, when he was Governor of California, closed most of the Mental hospitals – and other states quickly follow. At the time the propaganda line was that the former mental health patients would be treated in “community centers”. That ideal never did happen. What we saw in California was an explosion of homeless people living in the streets. The homeless population also exploded in other urban centers throughout the Nation. Jail quickly became the de facto holding facilities for those with mental illnesses.

The U.S. does not have enough beds to care for the thousands who roam the streets. Most mentally ill individuals are self harming or are victims of violent assaults. However, the rare violent mentally ill person can cause a lot of harm. The problem is how to get the dangerous mental patients off the streets and force them into treatment. The facts are that a out 25% of people with some forms of mental illness do not believe that they are ill. They will resist taking medication. Parts of California have been adopting a new law which allows the forced treatment of potentially violent mentally ill persons.

My sister has schizophrenia and she refuses to take meds to control her psychotic episodes. She needs full time treatment – but California closed the Mental hospitals. I mention this because I personally know what the lack of mental health facilities has impacted her life and members of her family.

This law isn’t yet perfect – but it is a starting place toward a more rational and civilized way of dealing with the Mental health needs of a significant part of our citizens. Wishing that mental illness would go away – doesn’t work. We have a mental health crisis in our country. A tiny minority of mental ill people can be home violent. All of the recent mass murders (random killing) have shown clear signs of mental illness. Yet they were able to function well enough to find or buy guns and then go to a political rally, or to a school, or to a more is theater and kill many innocents before they were stopped.

Here’s a link to the article about San Francisco passing the law. And at the link is a link to the law itself.

“The policy change came as a result of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approving a 12-year-old statute, Laura’s Law (pdf), which authorizes local governments, under limited circumstances, to force mentally ill people into treatment. Although the vote was 9-2, supporters had to make concessions to win over some board members.

Supervisor David Campos only agreed to back the move after a provision was added to create a local oversight team that will work to convince the mentally ill to voluntarily accept help first, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Campos also said he preferred having the board approve the implementation of Laura’s Law instead of letting voters decide through the ballot box. A vote of the people would have required another vote to change the law.”

Florida going underwater and idiot senators

South Miami mayor Phil Stoddard called climate denier Senator Rubio “an idiot”. Miami is already going under water. During the extreme high tide seasons in some low lying areas cars can’t be left in the lower parking levels. Scientists at Miami colleges and Universities are tracking the slowly but steady raising after.

Stoddard is a biology professor as well as the Mayor of South Miami. “ Philip Stoddard is particularly well-placed to judge what is happening to Miami. Tall, thin, with a dry sense of humour, he is a politician, having won two successive elections to be mayor of South Miami, and a scientist, a biology professor at Florida International University.”

How did the voter of Miami manage to vote for an intelligent scientist? Amazing – because if Miami or even part of Miami is going to survive – Miami will need all the clear thinkers working together on keeping the water back. Florida has too many dunderheaded politicians who think they can with upon a star and global warming will go away.

Miami needs both U.S. Senators working on raising money to hold back the raising waters. Obviously Rubio isn’t intelligent enough to understand his on state – and this chubby cheeked jerk wants to be President of the U.S.” OH hell no. He needs to go back to school or get an honest job somewhere in Miami, close to the water front.

The linked article is well worth reading. Raising sea levels are not just hitting tropical islands and atolls way off in some remote place,  Raising sea levels will be hitting thousands of miles of coast line of the USA. In Washington State we have thousand of homes built very close to sea level – all of these homes will be increasingly vulnerable during periods of extreme high tides then throw on a major storm.

Rubio is an idiot. A self centered, power hungry idiot. When is his term up?


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