2030 & democratic core values

There’s no doubt the Democrats have alienated their core constituency and given millions of their former supporters little reason to vote. Perpetual war, blank checks for mega-banks, stiffing the working poor while giving away the planet to the rich—-these are all part of the malaise. Our political landscape is currently defined by corporate personhood and its gutting of the Democratic Party.

Part of that is the destruction of our electoral rights, and the refusal of the Democrats to even face the issue, let alone do something about it. Our voting system is, to put it mildly, bought and rigged, further feeding the deadening sense of public futility and frustration.


2030 & sending a message to future generations

China and Obama have made a decision to reduce Carbon emissions by 2030 which is “better than nothing” and that describes Obama’s reign perfectly. Mr better than nothing Obama. Of course play dough face republican Senator McConnell, and spokesman for the coal industry, has already responded – Obama can’t do that.

Good times ahead for planet earth.

Vote rigging

Several states where the winner’s margin was close is linked to the number of voters being blocked from becoming registered voters. Also the continued wide spread use of touch screen computer voting makes results look questionable. The Republicans put a lot of effort into dismantling the appearance of a fair election.

The question is why? Hacking the vote is possible – ask anyone who understands how the internet works. I was shocked to read that touch screen computer machines are still in use.

Why? On the surface it looked like the dems were putting up a good fight. Tons of money was spent for each vote – advertising dollars per vote. Why didn’t the dem party go after one of the root causes of their loses? To me it seemed like they wanted to lose. Why bother to even vote in the states where the voting system is rigged?

In my state we can be reasonably certain that our votes are being counted. Computers are used to tally paper ballots that are filled out at leisure and placed in the U.S. mail box or in county ballot boxes, placed mostly near fire stations. There have been several recounts, by hand, to give the voters in Washington confidence that our votes are counted.

Why doesn’t the dem party mount a massive legal and legislative against vote rigging.

So far I’ve only read a few technical articles about gerrymandering and voters being blocked from registering to vote. The tactics to block the vote – limited places and times to register, type of ID required, intimidation by police of citizens trying to register to vote (TX loves this method).

Where are the fighting dems – or is the reality that there really isn’t that much difference between the parties once they take their masks off in the backroom of congress and state houses?

It seems obvious that vote rigging gas been going on for decades – the worst offender are the easily hackable touch screen voting machines, connected to the Internet. More fuss is made about the hacking of Target and Home Depot than the much easier hacking of the vote in many states.

Have the dems learned enough about being the minority party that they believe they have more power as the underdog? Or will the dems just give up – since this is apparently what the dems have been doing all along.

The current theory is that the republicans intend to use the ACA to hammer home their right to rule in 2016. So let’s take a look at the highlights of ACA.

Obamacare should have been single payer – the life and death power over patients, of the insurance companies was left in place. Will the republicans manage to kill of Obamacare in the next two years – or will they leave that in place to use against the timid dems in the next election? We are being told that by the next election in two years ACA or Obamacare will be working more as it was intended. However, if the Supreme Court guts Obamacare in the red states (meaning a death sentence for thousands, who can’t afford health care insurance, without government assistance) how will citizens respond?

Will the dems continue to be timid. We were told that since dems didn’t have a 60 Senator majority their hands were tied. Now the new republican leadership says they will do just fine with the slim majority. The timid dems just couldn’t manage.

One thing that is obvious – triggering mob mentality – will be the chosen get out the vote tactic for both sides. Meanwhile Rome (the world) is burning. The next two years will be interesting, hopefully the republicans will be humane rulers. The dems have been reduced to rats chasing the guys with the money.

There’s no doubt the Democrats have alienated their core constituency and given millions of their former supporters little reason to vote. Perpetual war, blank checks for mega-banks, stiffing the working poor while giving away the planet to the rich—-these are all part of the malaise. Our political landscape is currently defined by corporate personhood and its gutting of the Democratic Party.

Part of that is the destruction of our electoral rights, and the refusal of the Democrats to even face the issue, let alone do something about it. Our voting system is, to put it mildly, bought and rigged, further feeding the deadening sense of public futility and frustration.

Feeding the homeless illegal

In Florida. Another southern state.

Russell Brand’s take on the Christian fundamentalist dogmatism:

“Let’s bear in mind,” he concluded, “that America just had midterm elections where $4 billion was spent on campaigning — which is just telling you that something’s good. But feeding the homeless? That’s illegal.”

The story about a 90 year old man being lead away by the cops for feeding hungry homeless human being as been on many news websites.

Got one new Senator sucker from Oklahoma who wants to use the Biblical world view as his guide on Economics. The Bible – that book of plagiarized mythology with zero reference to the ‘new’ world – that’s going to be his text for economics. May you live in interesting times.

There are a few sane states left in this union of psychotic States. Oklahoma and Florida are not in  sane state of being. Kansas is going down the toilet – those dumb fools voted for dogmatic Brownback who isn’t quite through trashing the schools in Kansas. Maine has another fool for a governor who aims to wreck the schools. You want an education for your kids – send them to private school.

Who are the democrats to complain? Most of the dems running, often sounded more like Nixon republicans than FDR democrats? The affordable care act ACA or Obama care is still welfare for the insurance companies. The ACA is better than no ACA. The republicans don’t have an alternative, as it is, the ACA is something Nixon would have come up with. Today’s GOP isn’t Nixon’s GOP. And I am no fan of Nixon.

A Letter from the Future, the subtitle of “The Collapse of the Western Civilization”, by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway gives us a looks at the future. Kids in a lot of states won’t be getting the education to help them with critical thinking or get them into colleges where the best minds might still be able to prevent the massive deaths of humans and cultures. The world is already running out of resources. Yet we are hearing the theme that people are hungry because they are lazy or sinners – the memes of the idiots in Florida who write laws against feeding the poor folk.

Why does it take a comedian – like Brand to cut to the truth about American politics?

History rewrites itself – Hoover’s policies will be resurrected, and Russia could shoved in a corner – and then the war to end all mega boom gone. The end. Noam Chomsky is warning the west that Russia can only be pushed so far over the Ukrainian split. The bomb, the one my generation was terrorized with – the tuck and duck under the desks. What sadistic fools the adults of that era were. One of my teachers reminded us that our school room, on a military base, was at ground zero. She used a waste of time scare tactic of adults to give us a lesson in critical thinking. Today she could end up in jail for being honest.

It all goes back to Politicians not caring for the citizens, the homeless Vets who fight the wars and are discarded. The factory workers whose jobs went over seas. The fast food workers who are told to get a real job.

Comedians are more truthful than the news media and politicians. Amazing world we live in.

Election fallout continues

If you don’t want to read about politics and want to tap into your creative muse, skip down to my PS about National Novel Writing Month. I am writing a 50,000 word novel this month, first draft due to be finished on 30 November, 2014. I have 26,000 words written.


Once the news of the massive gerrymandering by GOP got out the elections on Tuesday was inevitable. The supreme court has five bought and paid for extreme right wing judges who ignore the concept of democracy or the Constitution. They decided that vote rigging and vote blocking to keep democrats or independents from voting is jolly good for the GOP/corporate money bags.

The statistics are now in and gerrymandering was a fantastically huge success for the folks who own a few governors, senators and congress critters. Go there look at the charts and see the Supreme court in action. Thrilling time to be a Russian oops I mean an American. We fought a Cold War so Commie tactics to win elections can be used in America. God bless America.

Why do I care – I don’t have kids. The reason why I don’t is because what parent wants the kind of world that the GOP was bought off in order to make a few folk even richer. The Koch brothers are not concerned about the world their grand kids, grand kids will inherit – if the human race survives the coming resource wars, plagues, and other nice surprises that a missed of mother nature has in store for future generations. Extinction of thousands of species is marching ahead quick time. Elephants in the wild will be extinction in our life time or in the next generation. Elephants are not replacing themselves, because too many are being killed by greedy, stupid humans.

What do I care? Children are important they are the future, they should be allowed to be children. Today’s children will be living in a world that I would not want to live in.

When I was in college Earth Day was invented. At that first Earth Day there were displays and exhibits of what the future was going to look like. The population has increased, as predicted. Safe drinking water is scarce in many place throughout the world. The earth is being ripped open for dirty oil (fracking). In Texas drinking water is used for fracking in areas where the wells are dry. Alright – Texas is way to easy for an example of the stupids taking over the world.

We can vote. The question is does your vote count? In some places votes do not count. A huge segment of the population was disenfranchised – the dems didn’t put up much of a fight. Why are people members of political parties?

Watching the GOP try to govern using President Hoover’s tactics should be interesting. Gambling away the lives of future generations.

                                      A reading list

George Marshall, “Don’t Even Think About It: Why our Brains are wired to ignore Climate Change.”

Naomi Oreskes & Erick M. Conway, “Merchants of Doubt”.
Same Authors Oreskes & Conway, ” The Collapse of Western Civilization: A Letter From The Future.”

Oreskes and Conway’s – “A Letter From The Future.” Read this book, it is a fast read – if you like Science fiction – this is a book you will want to keep around and re-read. There is a huge reference section at the back of the books, so you don’t get bogged down in the details. Want to know why this election results are predictable? Future kids are being cooked and eaten by the GOP and Dems today. Cannibals.

The first two books are on my Kindle and will be read once I write my NaNoWriMo Novel.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month or November is National Novel Writing Month. There is a website where you can register, and then write 50,000 words. As of today I have written 26,000 words.

The novel is set in Hawaii, 1960, on a military base. The characters are pure fiction with traces of people I’ve known in the military. The muse that writers talk and write about is real – it is our unconscious where random bits of memories are stored. This muse of mine has brought up long forgotten memories. When these memories pop to the surface I realize my muse is awake and the real story and characters can come out to play.

On the Mainland of America, 1960, History was being made, the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King. I missed that because I was in Hawaii where the races had already mixed and mingled. Truman had declared that racism was not allowed in the military, so I went to school with all races and had neighbors of color. We kids thought nothing of the revolutionary changes we were living. Hate is learned.

To write, A Sunflower and no Pickles, I’ve been rummaging around some very old memories. If you have a novel banging around in your unconscious, plan now for next November. The website, gives you tons of encouragement, cheer leaders to help with writers block. Don’t have an idea – no problem there are ideas for books waiting for an author. The politicians can sell themselves but we still have our human creativity.

Yes Kansas is stupid

My mom was third generation born in Kansas. She never lost her thick Kansas accent nor her religious belief in the GOP.

No surprise for me that the pig headed folks in Kansas would re-elect Sam Brownback who has single handedly sunk the Kansas economy.

No matter neither party wins any prizes. History will not look back at this era with kind eyes. This is an era of the greedy and bought and paid for politicians.

The democrats needed women to vote – I voted – skipped some of the races. A whole lot of women did not vote because of all the negative advertising, that is the choice given when asked to select preprogrammed reasons. I live in one of the coastal states where voters tend to be more progressive. On a local and state level Washington and Oregon do not have a problem with vote rigging like Texas and other states that make voting difficult.

Kansas is a strange state, generally anti Science and rigid belief in the holy GOP. My mother and her older siblings bailed out of Kansas during WWII. Her younger sibling bailed as soon as they finished college. Back then Kansas believed in educating their children – not anymore with Saint Brownback as Governor. Of course Kansas will always have her hand out when demanding federal aid for natural disasters caused by global warming – which Kansas doesn’t believe in (Global warming). I visited Kansas often enough as a teenager and listened to relatives who remained (Kansas folk have huge families) to know that Science is considered evil. My uncle who happens to be doctor returns to Kansas every so often to find out if the odd folk who stayed behind have changed their religion. He keeps hoping that they see the light. I don’t need to visit, all I need to see is that Saint Brownback was elected again. Perhaps he plans to pray for rain, or send tornados aimed for Kansas to Boston? Or California.

Obama’s fault

Cannonfire blog has a great post up about why Obama is to blame for the coming GOP win.

Obama is not a leader. The art of leadership can be learned. Some people have innate leadership ability – others need lessons. Even born leaders need to learn management skills and communication skills. During the 2008 election Obama was asked about his training for leadership – he replied something about running the campaign. That was a dumb ass answer of a candidate who was way over his head. Obama is still way over his head.

I think we may see a major shut down of government when the newly elected are seated. The nut job wing of the GOP lead by rubber face Senator Ted Cruz is threatening political warfare. Some how, the nut jobs don’t get the concept that they just might have to govern if they “win”. All of the winners will be owing the dark money donors. The military industrial spy complex and the Koch brothers who want to get richer.

The democratic party does not exist in my state, and I suspect that it is dead and buried in most other states as well. The old GOP party is dead, taken over by anti science, religious right zealots. The religion right Taliban really wants to smite anyone who isn’t marching in lock step time to their music.

We are going to see a bunch of politicians beating each other up in order to get the attention of the media.

AGM = Attention Getting Mechanism

This is the things kids do to get the attention of the adults. Kids learn that they do not get attention if they are being good – so kids get attention by being bad, evil, and nasty. Parents know the behavior – probably not the name of the manipulative behavior. Kids pull AGM head lining acts because they work. Younger kid starts crying, blames older kid – younger kid gets attention. Younger kid learns to be even sneaker and gets attention.

Politicians are the nasty misbehaving brats, they want attention. The creepier and nastier the politician, the dumber the statements – that is the nut job that gets attention. Gov. Brownback in Kansas, he is another example of the stupid raising to the top.

This will not be a dull two years. I blame all the stupid people who voted for the Obama myth, the Hollywood production. Now that people are getting to see the real bumbling fool they don’t like him. This is your bed America, you voted for the fools.

One day we might get some grownups running for public office. Elizabeth Warren, right now is the only adult in town. And she’s not perfect – no one is.

Male rage and murder

There was another case of school violence, this time it happened in a small town north of Seattle. This is quite close to where a bridge on Interstate 5 fell into a river. Massive structural failure of the bridge, old bridge, poor design and it was hit by a truck which helped to set up the catastrophic failure.

Easy access to guns is a major mental health and health issue in the U.S. Wait for it the defenders of the second amendment will be out in force to say what we need are more guns in school. Yep, right a free for all shoot out, between – gun slinger teachers and students. Look what happens in NYC when the cops shoot at one person, lots of bystanders are hit by stray bullets. We are told NYC cops are trained to use guns???

Why so much male rage? That’s the question I asked about Darren Wilson’s excessive use of gun fire to take down an unarmed young man or teenager – Michael Brown. Darren Wilson claims he was “afraid” – the all purpose get out of jail card used by violent cops. Darren Wilson is an angry white male – who turned his rage on an unarmed teenager.

The article linked above and here reminds us that for women to reject some men could mean death. The motive for the mass killings was because one girl rejected the shooter. There is a pattern emerging, the obvious pattern is easy access to guns makes it easier for males to vent their rage against whoever they blame.

Then there is the 13 year boy who had the nerve to laugh at an adult male in a state of full rage. The adult male’s home had been robbed and he threw one check of a fit, according to witnesses. The boy laughed at the berserk male and the adult male grabbed his gun and started shooting at the boy.

Male berserk rage is a problem. People are dying because a few males lack impulse control. NRA freaks will be crawling out from their holes defending the right of people with mental illness to own guns. As soon as I mention to conservative family members that people with specific mental illness that are known to be dangerous to themselves should not be allowed to own or use guns my relatives freak out. Mention – any restriction at all of anyone’s right to own guns – will trigger – their own fear that anyone can be labeled “crazy” – and have their guns taken away. The NRA fear induced paranoia seems to be if guns can be taken away by the certified crazy people – then anyone can be declared crazy. The NRA plays on their member’s emotions.

The linked article goes in a slightly different direction, more about the male female socialization process where males are encouraged to vent their anger outward and women are trained to stifle themselves.

Jackson Katz, author of The Macho Paradoxwrote that for men, “anger is much less treacherous emotional terrain than other emotions – and much more socially acceptable.”

[C]ountless men deal with their vulnerability by transferring vulnerable feelings to feelings of anger. The anger then serves to ‘prove’ that they are not, in fact, vulnerable, which would imply they are not man enough to take the pressure.

Women do get angry, but experts say we just handle the emotion differently. Psychologist Sandra Thomas, who conducted a large-scale study on women’s anger in 1993told the American Psychological Association 10 years later, “Men have been encouraged to be more overt with their anger,” while women direct it inwards. Little has changed since then: we’ve still taught to be “nice”, that lying is often preferable to open conflict and that anger is unattractive and unfeminine.

Aggression and violence is a fascinating animal behavior subject. Springer spaniel rage is a genetic behavioral trait now recorded and studied in several different dog breeds and mammalian species. A few Stallions have this rage syndrome. In dogs often there is no warning that the dog will transition from a peaceful companion to a potential killer. There is a lot of research and anecdotal reports but no real understanding of what triggers the violent rages. I don’t recall a case study of a female dog having a rage episode. There may have been an article I missed.

Deaths of children is always sad. Violence at school is especially traumatic for the whole community. The problem is that the survivors will pay the price. Surveillance of the survivors by adults will become more heavy handed and common sense will get flushed. For the sake of the survivors I hope this isn’t the path frightened adults take.


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