Some men are just dense

Some men are just dense in the common sense department.

Some guys are just dense – they don’t comprehend what should be obvious.

In his 17 November blog, Bobby Somerby made a statement in using bold letters, “We Stand by Stupak”. Somerby wrote this — me — never!

What else needs to be said? That is a very clear statement of support for Stupak’s amendment. Somerby can blather on in an attempt to explain his bold words of support for Stupak. Did Somerby write that “We Stand by Women’s autonomy over their own bodies?” did he say, “We Stand by Women?”

Somerby loves to point out the numerous and obvious bad reporting and sloppy ranting by two cable news talking heads: Olberman, and Maddow. Somerby’s self appointed job is to criticize the media. When Olberman and Maddow both reported on the Stupak amendment, Somerby took up the hunt for the usual stupidity from this “liberal” pair of 0bama supporters. But Somerby lost sight of the fact that perhaps even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.

The Stupak amendment should never have made it to the floor to be voted on, because it is a violation of the separation of church and state. Stupak is forcing his religion on every WOMAN in America. Stupak is part of the “Family” and he rents a room in one of the houses owned by the “Family”, which is a religious organization. IF Stupak and his gang can get away with the real subjugation of women’s bodies to the church/government – then what other will of the American Taliban* might he try to legislate next? One has to wonder what the extreme religious right has on so many politicians that these individuals are willing to go against the will of the majority of American voters?

Problem is that women are still a very small minority in congress, and the Patriarchy reigns supreme.

Well, gee, I’ll bet Somerby can’t understand why anyone would be upset or disagree with his words. They are just words – just like Stupak’s amendment are just words, and the male only health care bill are just words. If you happen to be female, then you will pay more for “health insurance” because you have a pre-existing condition of being female.

Stupak is part of the American Taliban*, there is just no other way to explain his dogmatic need to keep women subservient to the holy penis. This is the American Taliban that has spreads their religion of hate to other countries. The African country of Uganda has a ruler who is a Christian convert to a specific sect of America (which is currently being called the American Taliban). Uganda’s legislature has passed a law to target homosexuals for imprisonment and even death (this part is still being debated and may not be included in this hate legislation). After badgering and urging by concerned individuals, one of the American Taliban, Rick Warren, has decided to do the right thing and condemn the legislature Uganda’s targeting of homosexuals and anyone who knows homosexuals.,8599,1946645,00.html

Headline in Time Magazine, online version: Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill: Inspired by the U.S.

One of the bill’s loudest supporters is a charismatic pastor, Martin Ssempa, who heads a Ugandan campus AIDS eradication organization that is funded in part by the U.S. and who was associated with the global outreach of Southern California’s Saddleback Church, run by Rick Warren, author of best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life. Ssempa has a penchant for burning condoms. In 2007, he organized a rally against homosexuality to protest “homosexual agents and activists” who were “infiltrating Uganda.” Asked how the anti-homosexuality bill might affect the fight against HIV and AIDS, Ssempa seemed bemused. “I don’t see what this bill has to do with HIV,” he told TIME. Warren, who has called Uganda a “purpose-driven nation,” cut ties with Ssempa in October as controversy over the bill grew.”

Read more:,8599,1946645,00.html#ixzz0ZZRKdCQn

It should be obvious to the dense males like Bob Somerby (Daily Howler) and Somerby’s fan club, that no one who cares about the Constitution and Democracy should “stand with Stupak”. In fact Stupak should be shunned as a traitor to the Constitution and America, who is loyal to his religion which is a conflict with his job as a member of Congress. If Jesus were around today it is doubtful that he would approve of what is being done in his name. The accounts we have of this Jesus of the Bible are stories of a kind and compassionate person.



“There is an interesting fight in Minnesota where State Senator Ellen Anderson made the modest suggestion that the state repeal laws making it illegal for a married woman to cheat on her husband and another statute that makes it a crime for single women to have sex at all. The response of the powerful Minnesota Family Council is to call for the law not to be repealed but strengthened to make it a crime for men to have sex outside of marriage.

An adulterous woman today can charged with a gross misdemeanor with a prison sentence of one year, plus a possible fine of up to $3,000. This was once a standard “morality law” in the states. For a prior column criticizing such laws and questioning their constitutionality, click here.

Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council insists that “they’re important. They send a message . . . When you are dealing with a marriage, it’s not just a private activity or a private institution. It’s a very public institution. It has enormous consequences for the rest of society.”

These laws are presumptively unconstitutional. However, it is the continued use of criminal law to force people to comply with religious values that is troubling. This is precisely the view of the law enforced by religious extremists throughout the world. This is, as Mr. Prichard suggests, a matter of great symbolism even if the laws are not enforced. It stands for the proposition that consenting adults can be jailed in the United States for failing to maintain the moral principles of their neighbors.”

Definition of American Taliban from the

*American Taliban

Vocal, well-financed, extreme fundamentalist Christians attempting to legislate the oppression of homosexuals, women and science at the expense of our national schools, national health and U.S. Constitution. The equation of these politically and financially powerful extreme fundamentalist Christians with the Afgani Taliban –violent extreme fundamentalist Muslims– emphasizes the false patriotism of these american zealots.

See Dan Savage’s advice column Savage Love for the Week of May 16th 2006.

Due to the efforts of the American Taliban, another women’s health clinic closed its doors today.

Careful! Your phone calls are being recorded by the government and monitored by the American Taliban.


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