Political Theater – Debt ceiling

Apparently EVERYTHING is entertainment to the corporate media. The bottom line is what sort emotional bit of fluff will sell ads. Which means anything dramatic that will catch the attention of citizen public (long enough so that a gazillion ads will hit the viewers). When the politicians blah blah blah — we need to ask the question — who is their real audience. Who are the politicians talking to? Politicians do what they need to in order to get air time. It is all about entertainment. Conflict sells. Two people fighting sells. Two people fighting over the debt ceiling sells. Two parties fighting like mad dogs — sells. (Likewise two people fighting over something private — like abortion or gay rights — sells ads.) Everything is now theater — no matter who gets hurt or destroyed.

During the 2009 Primary season anyone bothering to listen to the blah blah blah caught on quickly that 0bowma changed his tune — depending on the audience. Then there is the old history of 2006 when Senator 0bama was out to get his name in print. Politicians by their very nature tend to be narcissistic. Obowma is aggressively narcissistic and he has zero empathy for anyone except himself.

Right now 0bowma is in narcissistic heaven — he is the center of attention. He is merely repeating what he did in 2006 as Senator 0bama, by giving one of his speeches on the EVILS of the debt ceiling. He tells the camera that he voted against raising the debt ceiling because he didn’t want to pass on the debt to his children and grandchildren. Then the two faced politicians turned around and voted FOR TARP (The massive welfare payout to banks — so that the rich folk  get richer). NOW — today 0bowma wants/needs the debt ceiling raised so that he can continue to pay for the bush wars as well as his own wars. But who gets the blame — old folks who are too damned expensive. 

During the primary 0bowma said one thing (NAFTA IS BAD)  to the voters in Ohio and then had one of his advisers go to the Canadian politicians and tell them to ignore what 0bowma is saying to the voters — NAFTA is supported by 0bowma. We have tons of proof that 0bowma is a liar (as are the Republican politicians — 0bowma is no different than any other narcissistic media loving politician.).

Republicans vote against Democrat Presidents and Democrats vote against Republican Presidents when it comes to the Debt ceiling dance. Senator 0bama against raising debt ceiling. This is an example of political theater and thanks to YouTube and the Internet we can easily google for a politicians ever changing speeches. Also 0bowma skipped votes or just didn’t bother to vote the few days that he bothered to show up for work. He had the same MO when he was State Senator 0bama. It is easy to predict his behavior — because he tends to stick to behavior patterns he has found to work successfully.

BUT the new twist, thanks to narcissistic 0bowma is his attack on Social Security. He is keeping his campaign promise to the money bags who put him in the white house (NOT the voters). It seems that 0bowma wants to Republicans to carry through with their threat to “privatize” Social Security and Medicare.  Lieberman was Senator obama’s mentor back in the day so it isn’t surprising that 0bowma and Lieberman are both on the same page.  Lieberman wants to raise the age of Medicare eligibility to 67.

What would happen if a strong Republican candidate emerges and makes a pledge not to touch Social Security or Medicare and promises to tax the top 10%? 

What we can be absolutely sure of is that the next Presidential campaign will we the most expensive and dirtiest in the history of the world — if not the universe. Bookies probably wouldn’t even take bets on that.


Note — I will never put a photo of 0bowma on my blog. I just don’t like liars. His speeches use the tactics of lying evangelical preachers.


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