Narcissists are predictable

I don’t know where I  found this quote — but it nicely explains 0bowma and what we can expect from him.

“when you couldn’t rely on morality, you could absolutely bank on narcissism: It made the bastard utterly predictable. “

Answering my own question — using Google. The quote is from J.R. Ward about one of the characters in her book.

Cats know who the bastards are.

Proof that 0bowma is a typical narcissistic BASTARD. Obowma “refuses to approve short-term increase to debt ceiling, demands that he be allowed to cut Social Security and Medicare.

When we look at 0bowma’s past behavior in political campaigns — he gets rid of the opposition BEFORE the actual vote. I don’t mean that he kills his opposition — he takes them out in other sneaky ways. When he ran for state senator he took out his opposition by challenging nearly every signer on her petition to run for office. He took her out with no time for her to respond to his challenges. Nasty piece of work — is what he is. Next race (after he voted present more often than not) he ran for US Senator and he took out his Republican opposition — when mysteriously the Ryans sealed divorce proceedings were unsealed. There are no coincidences in political races.

Political dirty tricks have been around for a long time and those of us who have lived for a few decades can spot the dirty politicians. In my rural county a Republican running for County Commissioner waited until the last minute and dropped his political bomb shell — he ended up winning the race. He was one of the worst Commissioners to ever hold office — he was also one of the most sexist and racist. We have a lot of Indian Reservations and he managed to personally insult all the Tribal Representative at various meetings.

So we can expect the upcoming political campaigns to be exceedingly dirty. Chicago dirty politics will no doubt lead the way.


What is 0bowma going to have done to the reporters who are pointing out that 0bowma and his spokesmen are liars?

It turns out that the claims made that ONLY terrorists are killed by 0bowma’s drones in Pakistan is a flat out lie. Of course innocent bystanders are killed to claim otherwise is a lie.

Meanwhile to pay for 0bowma’s wars — he needs to cut Social Security and Medicare.

0bowma and GW Bush and Cheney belong in jail for crimes against humanity. The joke is that one of the bastards is the “winner” of the Nobel Peach Prize. What a joke.



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