I never did like photo shop

Computer graphic art has been a hobby of mine. The first graphic programs were shareware. Eventually Microsoft got into the game and I would spend hours taking photos to the next level. “Photoshop” became the go to software for photographers and digital graphic artists. But I was never tempted. I liked the other programs. Coral is one of my favorite graphic programs – actually Coral has a whole stable of graphic arts programs. I once took a snap shot and using non photoshop programs (Coral mostly) created a cover for a CD album. The photo of the singer/trumpet player was great but everything else had to go.

In my opinion Photoshop has always been over priced and not user friendly. Now Adobe, the owner of Photoshop, has gone to cloud subscriptions as a means of raking in more money for an inferior product. Somehow their promises of improved services fell flat and many Photoshop users – which includes thousands of professionals on deadline couldn’t connect to the clouds. If you are looking for inexpensive alternatives to Photoshop check out the discussion following the article. There you will learn about GIMP which I have read can do anything Photoshop can do. No messing with tethers to the “cloud”.

More on this subject later.


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